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Posted on on December 1st, 2017
by Pincas Jawetz (

Shira Zelwer b. Haifa, Israel, 1978, Lives and works in Tel Aviv.
At first glance, Zelwer’s sculptures are extremely likeable and accessible. Only when the eye lingers on the works, their complexity becomes evident. Made of wax and painted in acrylic these sculptures are hybrids residing between the folkloristic and the elitist, the childish and the political, the social and the psychological. (This from the internet.)

Above sounds fine but she presents now a show titled THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT at the LEXUS automotive art gallery at Rechov Karlebach #37 which I saw last night
– Thursday, November 30, 2017 at the opening party.
In the title all she says is : “Wax, Acrylic, Metal Wire, 2017 – but she also
hands out posters showing items from the exhibition and a printed cardboard that explains what she is attempting – in a showroom of an automobile company.

On that cardboard she explains that scientists report on the greenhouse gas emissions of 9 billion tons per year. She says she wants to show the irony of using industrial wax – a byproduct of the oil industry – to make her sculpted domestic plants. She sees in this a ritual of how the Israeli society relates to flora and i guess that in order not to let this escape she puts a wax made watchdog at the entrance tp keep vigil against intruders.
Somehow she concludes that like O’Henry’s “The Last Leaf” (1907) her greenhouse be a source of inspiration, strength, and hope.

Oh Well, this is a lot of quaint rubbish but what I found was that members of the crowd told me that the use of wax reminds them of Bees’ Wax and this
unwanted byproduct from the petroleum refinery is a benign way of saving the environment. So – you can use oil to fight oil. Real deep sounding rubbish!

To say one good thing about the event – the salted peanuts and the Merlot of the Tepperberg label were very good. Before leaving I made my opinion known to the artist – I assume it was her.

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