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Posted on on June 16th, 2017
by Pincas Jawetz (

June 16, 2017

Central Park Isn’t a Safe Space Post.

By Fareed Zakarya on the pages of the Washington

In an age when politics is based increasingly on identity, “everything becomes fodder for partisanship,” Fareed argues in his latest Washington Post column:

“Consider the now-famous production of the Public Theater’s ‘Julius Caesar’ in Central Park, in which Caesar resembles President Trump,” Fareed writes. “Conservatives have pilloried the play, raising outrage among people who have never seen it, saying that it glorifies the assassination of a president, and seeking to defund the production.”

“In fact, the central message of ‘Julius Caesar’ is that the assassination was a disaster, leading to civil war, anarchy and the fall of the Roman Republic. The assassins are defeated and humiliated and, racked with guilt, die horrible deaths.”

“Political theater is as old as human civilization. A sophisticated play by Shakespeare — that actually presents Caesar (Trump) in a mixed, somewhat favorable light — is something to be discussed, not censored, and certainly not to be blamed for the actions of a single deranged shooter, as some on the right have suggested.”

“Do conservatives now want Central Park to be their own special safe space?”

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