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Posted on on April 20th, 2017
by Pincas Jawetz (

PEOPLE FOR CLIMATE – expressions about the April 29 2017 Washington DC March – the 100th Day of Trump.

From a member of the SEIU – the Service Employees International Union.

I have been dealing with the impact of climate change my entire life. As my mom’s caretaker, I’ve seen how poor air quality has agitated her asthma and caused her constant discomfort; and as a skycap at Newark (N.J.) Liberty International Airport, the pollution from cars, buses and planes is taking a toll on me.

Airport workers are not only the first line of defense for our customers, we’re also the first ones to suffer the consequences of pollution. For 25 years, I’ve greeted customers on the curb, breathing in exhaust and smog, as I loaded their luggage, printed their tickets, and helped them board the plane.

The quality of the air you breathe and water you drink should not depend on your zip code or job duties—that’s why I’m joining the People’s Climate March on April 29 and you should, too.

We need to counteract climate change because our lives depend on it. Climate change is real, and people of color, the elderly and people with disabilities particularly feel its impacts firsthand. The devastation Hurricane Sandy did to Newark and our community is still present—even more so in low-income areas.

High pollution levels and increased exposure to environmental hazards at home and at work are a reality for too many. That’s why I’m joining working people from across the country who are calling to reduce harmful pollution that causes climate change and to leave our children with a healthier, more vibrant future.

Our last climate march was the biggest in our nation’s history—this one will be even bigger.

Working families depend on the health of our communities and neighborhoods for our lives and livelihoods. We need everyone from every walk of life to come make their voices heard. Together, we can build a wide range of solutions that will benefit everyone and improve our economies and communities. Join the People’s Climate March and add your voice.

Lock arms with us Saturday, April 29th as we stand for climate action, one of the greatest challenges facing our world today. We must protect this planet and preserve its resources for the health of current and future generations.

See you in the streets,
Nancy Vazquez
Airport Worker, 32BJ SEIU

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