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Posted on on March 13th, 2017
by Pincas Jawetz (

Media Matters for America

US attorney investigating Fox News suddenly fired, a plagiarist returns to Fox News, NBC’s historic Trump catastrophe, and more …

Pincas, Beyond the notable Media Matters work below, here are some other things I’ve read this week: Michael Calderone on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson not bringing reporters on his Asia trip, Megan Garber on coverage of Amal Clooney, Luis Prada on Roger Stone, and Jina Moore on the familiar story of how politicians in Poland are trying to take away women’s rights.


John Whitehouse

Preet Bharara
US Attorney investigating Fox News fired by Trump

Donald Trump fired US attorney Preet Bharara. Bharara was investigating Fox News over its alleged failure to inform stockholders about multiple settlements for sexual harassment and assault by its executives. The reported replacement for Bharara may be a former attorney of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.


Monica Crowley: Sean Hannity “actively opposes real journalism”
Right-wing pundit Monica Crowley was set to take a job with the Trump administration, but backed out after reporters uncovered multiple examples of plagiarism. Sean Hannity welcomed her back to Fox News this week, and Crowley immediately blamed the accusations on a “political hit job” and falsely claimed she was vindicated. CNN’s Brian Stelter responded to the segment by blasting Hannity for not even caring about what the reporting said: “Hannity does not recognize real journalism. He actively opposes real journalism.”

Massive Ethical nightmare ends the only way it could


It’s now official: the Arnold Schwarzenegger season of The Apprentice was not just a flop, but a historic catastrophe. And the parties involved are just starting to realize that Trump’s toxic brand was the reason why. I took a long look at how NBC debased itself by getting into bed with Trump — and got nothing for it.

Donald Trump
Emoluments: A big deal


From the moment that he was sworn in, Donald Trump has been violating the Constitution. And it’s actively been getting worse. And yet, mainstream outlets have mostly ignored what amounts to an impeach=level offense.


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