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Posted on on December 28th, 2013
by Pincas Jawetz (


(CNN) – Saturday, December 28, 2013 – When Bill de Blasio becomes mayor of New York City on New Year’s Day, he’ll have a far more prominent Democrat than himself on the other side of the Bible.
He will be sworn in by former President Bill Clinton, the mayor-elect’s office said Saturday.

Clinton’s wife, Hillary, the former secretary of state and U.S. senator for New York, also will attend.
According to his office, de Blasio will be sworn in using a Bible once owned by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It is on loan from FDR’s presidential library.
De Blasio has worked for both Clintons.
He was a Housing and Urban Development official during the Clinton presidency and he was a campaign manager for Hillary Clinton’s successful 2000 Senate bid. Both Clintons endorsed de Blasio in mid-September, just a few days after he won the Democratic primary.
“I was honored to serve in President Clinton’s administration and on Secretary Clinton’s campaign for U.S. Senate, and I am honored again that they will both join our celebration for all of New York City,” de Blasio said in a statement.
“Wednesday’s ceremony will be an event for every New Yorker from all five boroughs, and Chirlane and I couldn’t be more excited to have President Clinton and Secretary Clinton stand with us.”
The first Democrat elected mayor in more than two decades, de Blasio has established himself as a populist liberal, telling a tale of a “two cities” New York divided between rich and poor while focusing heavily on his mixed race family during the campaign.
That message helped propel de Blasio from behind in what had been a crowded Democratic primary.
He went on to crush Republican nominee Joe Lhota in the general election last month to replace outgoing Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is closing out his third term and 12th year in office.
With above in the news, we find that De Blasio will have to deal with a City that was changed in many unsustainable ways.
While good intended changes by Mayor Bloomberg – like the introduction of more efficient taxis and congestion taxes could not be applied, the real estate business flourished so that the rich became richer and the poor poorer.
De Blasio will find that he has to live with these changes like President Obama found out that he had to live with what G.W. Bush/ Dick Cheney  left behind them.
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