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Posted on on December 24th, 2013
by Pincas Jawetz (

We posted recently about Dr. Trita Parsi now we have further material from Dr. Hooshang Amirahmadi who gallantly had offered himself as a candidate in the 2013 Iranian Presidential elections – but was not one of those that were allowed into the final election list.

The Princeton based American Iranian Council (AIC) led by  former Senator J. Bennett Johnston (Chairman) and Professor Hooshang Amirahmadi (Founder and President) which is a different organization from Dr. Trita Parsi’s Washington DC based National Iranian American Council (NIAC),  in their Seasons Greetings, write the following:

We are at a critical juncture, when our two nations and their leaders have decided to make every effort to strengthen their resolve for peace. The spoilers on both sides, however, seek to derail this path. The latest provocation by the US Congress to impose further sanctions on Iran is a move that would destroy this rare chance for improved relations, endangering us all with an unnecessary confrontation.


The Council, since its inception more than two decades ago, has continued to oppose sanctions of any kind and war for any reason. We are for better US-Iran relations, for a nuclear weapon-free Iran, and for economic prosperity and human rights of the Iranian people. The AIC is the only organization that has never wavered in its commitment to a diplomatic resolution of US-Iran conflict.

We are steadfast in our pioneering mission to achieve better US-Iran relations through constructive engagement. Towards that aim, we have organized high-powered conferences with influential leaders, raised the level of debate, produced quality publications, expanded our programs, and engaged with decision-makers in both countries and globally.

Their  program for 2014 includes  the moves:

The US Congress: Organize four educational roundtables with congressional leaders and staffers.


Iran’s hardliners: Publish a major analytical document and several shorter analyses in Farsi showing why the nuclear deal is in Iran’s best interest.


Israel: Organize a major Iran-Israel policy conference and three off the record Track II Meetings, designed to engage Israel in the US Iran rapprochement.


Saudi Arabia: Coordinate a major policy conference on Iran-Saudi relations and help formulate a regional security structure involving Iran and its Persian Gulf neighbors.


Economic Relations with Iran: Organize an informative conference on legalized business, compliance frameworks, and trade prospects. 


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