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Posted on on November 20th, 2013
by Pincas Jawetz (


Truthout reports from Warsaw that despite the record-setting super typhoon Haiyan that has devastated the Philippines, negotiators at this year’s UN climate talks remain in political gridlock.

With the start of the so-called High Level part of the talks it sees that business and dirty technologies have the place to themselves.

Some Western nations are rejecting a plan for a green capital fund that would help poor nations adapt to the ongoing effects of the global climate crisis; talks on emissions cuts have been delayed until 2015;  leaked documents have revealed that the United States is pushing an agenda that avoids taking financial responsibility for the “loss and damage” global warming has already caused.

Truthout reports the G77+China group of 133 developing nations have walked out of some key part of the talks – even a member of the UN Secretariat, who already returned to New York, told me in private that nothing will be achieved in Warsaw this year.


While the walk-out makes developing countries vulnerable to the accusation of being responsible for holding back the Warsaw negotiations, developing countries and NGOs are pointing out that it was the attitude and behaviour of developed countries that forced them to issue such an ultimatum in the first place.
“We are very disappointed by the slow process on negotiations on loss and damage, the most important measure of success here in Warsaw,” said Philippines negotiator Yeb Sano on Wednesday.
“The walk-out happened because a very strong proposal for a loss and damage mechanism put forward by G77 and China did not receive enough traction,” explained Meena Raman from the NGO Third World Network. “This is a postponing tactic by developed countries in order not to make a decision on loss and damage here in Warsaw.”
Since COP19 began on Nov. 11, developed countries have given few signs of being committed to a meaningful international climate deal.
This week, Japan announced that it would cut a previous commitment of reducing CO2 emissions by 25 percent by 2020 to a three percent cut only. Australia recently announced an intention to scrap an existing carbon tax, while Canada indicated it might not meet a pledge to reduce emissions made at the Copenhagen 2009 COP.
Developing countries have indicated that they are ready to discuss more if developed countries take a more serious stance. As an example, Indian Minister of Environment Jayanthi Natarjan declared Wednesday upon arrival in Warsaw that her country would be open to temporarily using the existing Green Climate Fund for doing immediate disbursements for loss and damage, until a proper international mechanism is set in place.

Seemingly only young climate justice activists are still there standing in solidarity with the Philippines’ lead negotiator Yeb Saño by fasting and demanding urgent action for climate justice. But some of those young people have  been kicked out of the summit for having banners with messages of solidarity for the victims of Haiyan – this while corporations essentially lobbying against effective action on climate change are finding plenty of space to express themselves. THE EVENT IS A SHAM.

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