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Posted on on November 30th, 2013
by Pincas Jawetz (

The following was clearly prescient – it was written by Benny Avni just two weeks into the start of the Ban Ki-moon era at the UN. It was  advice that foresaw that if you do not change the UN Administration to your image you end up being ineffective as the staff will do their own thing and undermine any legacy you intend to create.  Judging from our angle, which is the post-Rio+20 efforts, the vision lit and proclaimed by the UNSG gets very fast extinguished by the UN permanent staff.
And that is a pity as the arrow of time is irreversible  and what is not done today becomes insufficient if done tomorrow.


Advice to Ban Ki-Moon: Control or Be Controlled.

By BENNY AVNI | January 15, 2007 in THE NEW YORK SUN, a paper that does not exist anymore.

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