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Posted on on July 27th, 2013
by Pincas Jawetz (


About Jerusalem: Eat, pray, love in the capital of the Jewish world – A city that encapsulates the history of heaven and earth.
by Tracy Frydberg, The Times of Israel, July 27, 2013.


As papers analyze the possibility of success in the new US led Middle East negotiations, The Times of Israel reminds us of the importance of Jerusalem to Jews and not only to Jews. There will be the need of a lot of good will on all participants in order to come up with a formula that leaves some space to everyone. {that is our own comment.}


As Benjamin Disraeli, the British novelist and statesman said, “The view of Jerusalem is the history of the world; it is more; it is the history of heaven and earth.”

The history of Jerusalem is a riveting and fast paced tale. Leaders and empires have come and gone, important holy sites have been built and destroyed, but the spirit of Jerusalem has remained constant.

The Bible refers to Jerusalem in the feminine she, revealing the human-like, delicate nature of the place that transcends far beyond the capacity of any other city. Deeply drenched in rich history and physical holiness, it is left to the individual to define his own relationship and understanding of Jerusalem. In 1967, with the monumental recapturing of Jerusalem’s Old City, Jerusalem was reignited as the focal point of world Jewry.

A sprightly young shepherd who became the legendary hero and ruler of the Jewish people, King David, built a splendid kingdom and city in Jerusalem.
It was his son, Solomon who would go on to build the majestic First Temple. The First Temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II in 586 BCE and the Jews were exiled to Babylon.

It was not until the reign of King Herod the Great that the Second Temple was built and Jews were able to thrive and develop their holy city for the next 160 years. Yet again, tranquility in Jerusalem was not able to last. The Second Temple was grotesquely destroyed by the Romans and the ruthless General Titus in 70 CE.

All that remains of the Holy of Holies is the Western Wall, or Kotel, which Jews from all over the world come to connect with God.

The destruction of the temples set off a chain of empires; under some the city and its people prospered and under others it was left in shambles. Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Caliphates and Ottomans have all claimed Jerusalem as their own.

The foundation of Israel as a Jewish state made Jerusalem the one and only capital of the Jewish world. In 1947, Jerusalem was declared an international capital in the UN Partition Plan. This decision immediately led to an Arab uprising and in 1948 in the War of Independence, the Jewish Quarter was seized by the Jordanian army. Even though the young Jewish nation had lost the Old City, Jerusalem was still declared as the eternal capital of the State of Israel in 1949 and since then has been the seat of Israel’s government.

While the Jewish people have had a constant presence in Israel for the last 3,000 years it was not until 1967 during the Six Day War that after three days of brutal fighting, the Old City of Jerusalem again became a part of the Jewish nation. Ever since there has been a mass migration of Jews and tourists flooding into the ancient city to pray at the Temple Mount.

While the Holy City is a walking tour of the long and exciting history of Judaism, the modern culture and vibrancy of the magical city can stand on its own. Jerusalem is a destination for world travelers, the home of Israel’s government and a source of inspiration for artists and intellectuals alike.



Tel Aviv: The pure white city with a steamy nightlife.
Tel Aviv is consistently ranked among travel guides as the place to be in the Middle East.

While the nucleus of the Jewish Planet lies in Jerusalem, the center of the Jewish State is arguably in Tel Aviv – a hub for business and pleasure. Discover for yourself why the first Hebrew city, which increasingly ranks as one of the most expensive in the world, is actually priceless.

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