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Posted on on May 24th, 2013
by Pincas Jawetz (

Looking at the TV scenes from the tornadoes stricken State of Oklahoma people ask me why is that the homes’ structure there so shoddy?
I have really hard time explaining that it is the oil industry money that elects their officials there – including their two US Senators. People are poor – – they have no money – it is only the oil folks hat do have the money. It is easier to plow money to churches then to create building codes or an economy.

Talking money – the new story about the Koch Brothers comes to mind. They are in the news now because of the PBS – the Public Broadcasting Service that usually is non-partisan – has refused to show a TV program about them. They fund the bamboozle about climate change – those money receiving pseudo-scientists that find ways to say there is no fossil fuels emissions man-made cause for climate change.

The Koch Brothers make money from US oil and gas production – including Canadian Tar SandsĀ  product shipped to the US and the shale-“fracking” technology. These technologies give the US the fake sense of security as they lessen dependence on shaky Arab oil. Some even dream of the US becoming a large oil and gas exporter. The Koches are heroes with some parts of America – this for politics that get to the forefront when you watch acts of terrorism and read of the Arab Spring having turned into Islamism. Clearly the observations are right, but the conclusions are wrong and self-serving for the Koches. They would not invest in renewables but tell us that there is nothing wrong with their making money from technologies with very long lasting negative effects.

The Koches are also in the business of trying to elect the US President and threw their awe now on the US media as well. PBS being chicken when it comes to the Koches? This at the times of Obama whom they opposed furiously?


Also – when good people keep their money overseas – everybody in their home country loses – but do they clame a home in this global world – and which is the home?


The Corporate Tax Dodge


When companies shelter their profits overseas, everyone else loses.

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