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Posted on on April 12th, 2013
by Pincas Jawetz (


from material posted  on the Inner City Press website that reports from the UN Headquarters in New York City:


Taken in part from the Inner City PressUNITED NATIONS, April 12 report — “The reopening of UN Headquarters after its $2 billion renovation.


  In the past, the Delegates Lounge had a big wooden bar, and a second floor loft serving coffee. Now, the loft is gone, and so is the wooden bar, replaced by one of black stone.The lobbyists for different causes used to sit in the upper level coffee shop and watch who comes in at the lower level, then do their business later at the bar. Also, Journalists would come after hours and meet delegates at the bar and get answers to traditionally unanswered questions while having a drink.

Delegates were sitting or snoozing all day – in  the hall itself – supported by warm color furniture. Now it seems that these activities of old will be interfered with by a much more rigorous structure, that to our amazement is colored a bright green.

Inner City Press – photo here and Photo here – show green colored tables and a kindergarten-style set-up.

The computers in the Lounge are now covered with plastic half-spheres, like in a women’s beauty parlor.

  Inner City Press on Friday asked Capital Master Plan chief Michael Adlerstein where the wooden bar has gone. He said he’d look into it, and let it be known that the designer of the new Delegates Lounge was none other than noted Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.

  The chairs are on wheels; there are spindly rocking chairs reminiscent for those who’ve been there to those in the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, writes Matthew Russell Lee – the Inner City Press coverage.


  Adlerstein explained the layout as based on Dutch berms around fields. An Inner City Press reader, seeing the Tweeted photo, chimed in that the “chartreuse tables actually look like my kids’ elementary schools. They still have 1960s Soviet liberation art, I guess.”


  Actually the art remains the same as before – donations from various countries Soviet-style art or not – this depends on the donor: the carpet or wall hanging of the Great Wall of China is back, returned from its sojourn in the UN’s North Lawn building.

We post this because of the green color that we are instinctively fond of – except when BP painted their oil tanks green in an attempt to tell us that they are a green company. WE ARE VERY MUCH AFRAID THAT THE UN GREEN IS INDEED OF THE SAME PHILOSOPHICAL CONCEPT LIKE THE BP OF OLD. This sort of green image does not sooth our nerves.

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