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Posted on on March 16th, 2013
by Pincas Jawetz (

This Coming Week President Obama’s trip to the Middle East, and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s cancelled meetings in Afghanistan may tell some that this is US new policy – we rather believe that like the new Israeli government – true policy starts with cleaning home – thus we suggest that the following news are the real US news:

Elizabeth Warren vs. the NRA

Jason Sattler, The National Memo
Sattler writes: “After calling out the NRA’s ‘armies of lobbyists [that] are fighting to rig the system so that the public remains in the dark,’ the senior senator from Massachusetts attacked the organization’s efforts to stop public research into gun violence.”


Sen. Bernie Sanders: Democracy Is for People Amendment
Excerpt: “A constitutional amendment to overturn a Supreme Court ruling that allowed unrestricted, secret campaign spending by corporations and billionaires was introduced on Tuesday in the Senate by Sen. Bernie Sanders.”


Michael Tomasky | This Just In: GOP Won’t Negotiate

Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast
Tomasky writes: “It seems worth reiterating this morning that there is no basis on which Obama can make a deal with Republicans.”


And A New York Times Editorial of Saturday, March 16, 2018 sees:

Senate Democrats Finally Take a Stand 

{If this is necessary procedure for President Obama’s Secondary Administration’s moves, is debatable, but it surely is good self-preserving necessary policy, if in tended to show that progress is possible also with a Congress that does not think about the good of the country. – (our comment)}


Their 2014 budget is a strong counterweight to the reckless House proposals from Paul Ryan.

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