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Posted on on March 29th, 2013
by Pincas Jawetz (


THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE IS INVOLVED IN A GLOBAL REPORTING INITIATIVE (GRI) – Reporting on Sustainability with a G4 in their sight or front line – G4 is GRI’s fourth generation of Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and is now in development. G4 is part of GRI’s commitment to the continuous development of its Guidelines.

They say: The next generation of the GRI Guidelines – G4 – should address requirements for sustainability data, and enable reporters to provide relevant information to various stakeholder groups. It should also improve on content in the current Guidelines – G3 and G3.1 – with strengthened technical definitions and improved clarity, helping reporters, information users and assurance providers.

The Information they talk about is non-financial information and it could be thus part of very positive intent, but we are not sure if it preaches also the importance of true financial reporting that includes the so called externalities – or the passing on of the true expenses on the public at large – these ought to be part of the financial implications that make up the value of a stock and ought not be covered by bamboozle.    

At this stage we can just say that we do not know what that G4 will be like and that we have no information about the first three generations of guidelines that this posting – as received – talks about. It looks to us like some gibberish that business is throwing at the innocents.


We did our research and found:… for G3
and –… for G3.1 – a  photo showing Asian faces.
then –… for the new G4 saying –


North-American G4 Campaign: The kick-off event at the New York Stock Exchange  —
11 April NYC


G4 Campaign Sponsor

Register here for 11 April, New York

We are getting ready for our Global Conference in Amsterdam. Our 2013 Global Conference on Sustainability and Reporting (brochure) will be held on 22-24 May in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

We would like to give you the opportunity to meet with the Focal Point USA team at the New York Stock Exchange (GRI Sector Leader) on the 11th of April. In the morning of the 11th, we will explain what’s happening at the Global Conference, how you can join our Delegation and what side events will be organized in the USA and Canada. Next to this update, a Master Class will be held by our newest Certified Training Partner Deloitte who will refresh your knowledge of GRI. Here you can hear from Eric Hespenheide (Global Leader, Climate Change and Sustainability Audit and Enterprise Risk Services) and Kristen Sullivan (Partner, Sustainability Services) which items of GRI’s reporting process have remained untouched and receive an update on the G4 revisions. This event will be an interactive session where we will be joined by long-standing GRI reporter HP. Ellen Jackowski from HP will speak about their sustainability journey and Rina Levy from Bloomberg LP (GRI Sector Leader) will interview Ellen about the way in which HP discloses sustainability information. After the Master Class, there will be a networking lunch, after which our Organizational Stakeholders can join us for CR Magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens Event.

The Global Conference: a three-day, multinational event will include the latest information on sustainability and reporting, training sessions, workshops and unique networking opportunities. Most importantly, the next generation of GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Framework: the G4 Guidelines, will be launched. The event will host 1500 thought leaders and practitioners from all over the world and various constituencies: investors, regulators, businesses, civil society and mediating institutions. And..  Amsterdam in spring is the best host city for inspiring dialogues and new ideas.

Please note that Tuesday 21 May is the North American Networking Day!

As GRI’s US office were facilitating North American participation in the Global Conference by creating a special North American Delegation. You are automatically part of the Delegation when you are either a Founding Sponsor, a Sector Leader, a Certified Training Partner, an Organizational Stakeholder or a G4 Campaign Sponsor.

Special private events are being developed for Delegation members to complement the overall Conference and to provide Delegation members with tailored G4 information. In addition, we are organizing several special events and Master Classes in North America to introduce and educate our Delegation as well as the larger network on the latest G4 Guidelines. After attending the series of 3 Master Classes, participants will receive an acknowledgement. All G4 Campaign events will be announced on our blog.

You can access the Global Conference program (which is under development) here, and you can register here.

For more information about the G4 Campaign and sponsorship opportunities:

Please email us if you would like to join CR Magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens Event.


April 11, 2013

 Kick-off event GRI’s North American G4 Campaign at New York Stock Exchange – Master Class 1: GRI Refresher and G4 Update.

Date: April 11, 2013

Location: New York Stock Exchange, 11 Wallstreet, New York City, NY 10005, USA

Host: New York Stock Exchange and G4 Campaign sponsor HP



9.30 am – 10.30 am GRI Update by Mike Wallace and Marjella Alma on GRI’s Global Conference and G4 Campaign. Find out how you can join our official delegation!

10.30 am – 12.30 pm Master Class 1 – GRI Refresher and G4 Update – organized by GRI’s Certified Training Partner Deloitte featuring HP (reporter perspective) and Bloomberg (Sector Leader; data user perspective)

13.15 pm 25 of our GRI Organizational Stakeholders can join the CR Magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizen Announcements; email GRI to reserve your spot

4-5 pm CR Magazine Reception


Register here for 11 April, New York


Confirmed attendees

Bloomberg LP
BPA Worldwide
Casazza Herman LLC
Context America
CRM Communications
Curran & Connors, Inc.
Donnelly Mechanical Corp
Ernst and Young
FMC Corporation
Framework LLC
General Motors Company
Global Development Solutions, LLC
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc.
GRI Focal Point USA
IRRC Institute
Lilium Consulting, LLC
Morgan Stanley
New York Stock Exchange
NYU-POLY     —  New York University that includes now also the former technically excellent Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.
Owens Corning
Renewthink Inc.
Stewardship Action Council
The Linley Company
The Mosaic Company
W R Beer & Co.

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