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Posted on on February 3rd, 2013
by Pincas Jawetz (

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How to Classify the Climate Change Disinformation Campaign. Ethical Distinctions Between Skepticism and Disinformation.

Skepticism in science is a good thing that should be encouraged. The philosopher Diderot said that skepticism in all things is the first step on the road to truth.¬† Yet the phenomenon that a growing sociological literature calls the “climate change disinformation campaign” is arguably some new kind of assault on humanity¬† It has been at least partially responsible for a 25 year delay in the United States for taking action on climate change. Two new papers seriously examine how to classify the climate change disinformation campaign while distinguishing this phenomenon from responsible skepticism. The papers are:

The Climate Change Disinformation Campaign: What Kind Of Crime Against Humanity, Tort, Human Rights Violation, Malfeasance, Transgression, Villainy, Or Wrongdoing Is It?

Part One: Is The Disinformation Campaign a Crime Against Humanity or A Civil Tort?

Part Two: Is The Disinformation Campaign a Human Rights Violation Or A Special Kind of Malfeasance, Transgression, Villainy, Or Wrongdoing ? solicit comments on these papers

Donald A. Brown
Scholar In Residence, Sustainability Ethics and Law
Widener University School of Law
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
717-802-1009 (cell);

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