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Posted on on January 20th, 2013
by Pincas Jawetz (

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01/21/2013 01:4501/21/2013 01:4501/21/2013 01:45

Arab League urges Arab Israelis to vote
Group representing Arab nations calls on Arab sector in Israel to stand up to ‘racist, radical Right,’ warns that by not voting Arabs are giving a hand to ‘ethnic cleansing’
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Arab League conference (Archive photo: Reuters)
Moshe Kahlon is an Israeli politician who was an in-party opponent of the Prime Minister. He was the front runner in party primaries in the past, currently serves as  Minister of Communications and Minister of Welfare & Social Services, but as the party changed refused to run for reelection to the Knesset.
Today, two days before the elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concluded with Minister Moshe Kahlon that he will be appointed as chairman of the Israel Land Administration. The Likud headquarters has issued an announcement that the goal of Kahlon’s appointment is to significantly reduce the prices of apartments for all Israeli citizens and specifically for young couples and released soldiers. These are apartments on land that is within the borders of Israel proper and may help reduce the pressure to build in the West Bank territory. We find this significant as well.Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein, head of the Central Election Committee, ordered Israeli media not to broadcast the press conference at which the appointment was announced, ruling that it could be regarded as election propaganda, which is banned if not aired within the officially designated time slot.

The Labor Party promptly lodged a complaint against Kahlon’s nomination with Rubenstein, the attorney general and the state comptroller. It called Kahlon’s appointment a violation of the Basic Law governing the ILA and charged that it stemmed “from illegitimate motives that have direct implications on the legality of the action.”

Labor leader Shelly Yachimovich said Kahlon’s appointment was testament to Netanyahu’s panic over the Likud-Beytenu alliance’s slide in the polls. She added that everyone knew Kahlon resigned as communication minister in protest of Netanyahu’s economic and social policies, and said he was now being used as a “fig leaf” to cover what she called the prime minister’s disastrous policies.

Hatnua leader Tzipi Livni also charged that Kahlon’s appointment was an attempt by Netanyahu to halt his party’s decline, and that he would be a fig leaf.

“It’s a shame Kahlon agreed to participate in the elections spin, and didn’t insist that his appointment be announced after the elections,” Meretz chairwoman Zahava Galon said.

Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid said that ”Netanyahu proved once again that he prefers gimmicks to organized solutions to the serious problems of the Israeli middle class.”

Kahlon announced his temporary departure from political life last October. He stressed, however, that “obviously I’m not leaving the Likud,” and promised to work for the party to ensure it won the elections.

Kahlon was elected as a Likud MK in 2003. Political analysts regard Kahlon — one of seven children of immigrants from Libya — as a vital link between the Likud’s top leaders and the rank-and-file Sephardi supporters of the party. He was one of only two ministers of Sephardi origin in the Likud ranks in the outgoing government.

An aside – the name Kahlon is African in origin and means “strong warrior.”

We tend to  relate the Kahlon announcement to the Arab League announcement and say: It is a pity that people make positive steps, under pressure, when it might be ta bit late.

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