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Posted on on January 18th, 2013
by Pincas Jawetz (

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Thank you for joining us for the 7th Environmental & Clean Energy Ball.  Tickets can be picked up starting at 7:00 pm at the Sequoia Restaurant on Monday, January 21st.
The event does not begin until 8:00 pm, but there will be a cash bar available from 7:00 – 8:00 pm.
IF YOU PURCHASED MULTIPLE TICKETS, please have everyone in your party check in under the name of the person who purchased the tickets.
Please check the website for venue details.
Thank you!

7th Environmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Ball Taking Shape.

Washington, D.C., January 14, 2013: Leaders from both the public and private sectors continued to show support for the 7th Environmental & Clean Energy Inaugural Ball
with a number of invited guest confirming for the event.

In addition to U. S. Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who will be a Special Honored Guest,
Deputy Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency Robert Perciasepe
and Deputy Assistant to President Obama for Climate Change Heather Zichalwill be Special Guests.
Also, outgoing EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu,
and Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus are invited guests that hope to join the celebration.

More than 100 companies and organizations have joined together on the Host Committee putting on the event which will
be held on January 21st from 8:00 to midnight at the Sequoia restaurant on the scenic Georgetown waterfront. In addition,
the Honorary Congressional Committee includes Senate Environment Committee Chair Barbara Boxer,
Senate Health Committee Chairman Tom Harkin, Senate Renewable Caucus Co-Chairman Mark Udall,
and Longtime House of Representative environmental leaders Henry Waxman and Ed Markey

Douglas A. Durante, Executive Director of the Clean Fuels Foundation and Co-Chair of the ball, said
“Clearly, our message of highlighting the importance of the environment and clean energy is proving to be timely.
With this kind of support from members of Congress, industry, and the federal agencies we are demonstrating that everyone
is working together to make a difference.” Durante noted that the ball has an international flavor as well with 21 Embassies
supporting the event consistent with the Green Embassies program.


A Picture from the National Service Day – Saturday, January, 19, 2013.


Join EESI for the 7th Environmental and  Clean Energy Inaugural Ball

Environmental Ball 2009

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 7th Environmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Ball on Monday, January 21, 2013. The event, co-organized by EESI,
will once again be held at the beautiful Sequoia Restaurant located on the Washington Harbour waterfront in Georgetown from 8:00 PM to Midnight.

This bi-partisan celebration has become a Washington tradition over the past 24 years as the environmental and clean energy communities gather to welcome a new Administration
and make headway towards a more sustainable future. Carol Werner, Executive Director of EESI, is once again serving on the Ball’s Organizing Committee.

All previous Environmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Balls have been recognized by the Presidential Inaugural Committees. This year’s bi-partisan Honorary Committee is comprised of
31 Members of the House and Senate who have distinguished themselves as environmental and clean energy policy leaders. We are pleased to announce that Secretary of the Interior
Ken Salazar
will be one of our Honored Guests, as will Bob Perciasepe, Deputy Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Tickets are $200 per person, which includes an open bar, a full dinner buffet, and a great band for dancing and entertainment! (The ticket price is set to simply cover the event’s cost and does not
therefore constitute a donation).

Ticket information can be found on the Ball’s website. You can purchase tickets online by credit card or via mail by check.
Sponsorship and table sales are also available. Please note there is a processing fee for online orders.

We hope you agree to join us as we all work together to build ever greater support for the environment and the sustainability of our nation’s future.
If you have any questions regarding the Environmental & Clean Energy Inaugural Ball, please e-mail:

Or contact:

Doug Durante301-718-0077 (Sponsorship and Table Sales)

Sheri Lausin703-966-7992 (Logistics and Ticket Sales)

Please visit the Environmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Ball’s website:

The Environmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Ball Organizing Committee

Douglas A. Durante
Clean Fuels Foundation

Jan Hartke
Clinton Climate Initiative

Bill Holmberg
American Council on Renewable Energy

Scott Sklar
Stella Group, Ltd.

John C. Topping, Jr.
Climate Institute

Carol Werner
Environmental and Energy Study Institute

Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Carol Werner, Executive Director

EESI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1984 by a bipartisan Congressional caucus to provide timely information and develop innovative policy solutions that set us on a cleaner, more secure and sustainable energy path. EESI is funded primarily by foundations and other private donors.


Working Together to Build a Better Tomorrow
Environmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Ball
Program Ball Info Ball Committees Ball Partners Gallery Contact Info
President Obama’s Energy & Environment Agenda

The energy challenges our country faces are severe and have gone unaddressed for far too long. Our addiction to foreign oil doesn’t just undermine our national security and wreak havoc on our environment — it cripples our economy and strains the budgets of working families all across America — President Barrack Obama, January 20, 2009

Quotes from Obama’s Inauguration Speech re. Energy & Climate Change

“… each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet.

“… We will build the roads and bridges, the electric grids and digital lines that feed our commerce and bind us together.

“… We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories.

“… With old friends and former foes, we’ll work tirelessly to lessen the nuclear threat and roll back the specter of a warming planet.

“… And to those nations like ours that enjoy relative plenty, we say we can no longer afford indifference to the suffering outside our borders, nor can we consume the world’s resources without regard to effect.”

The Evening Program for the 2013 event is being developed,
but will be similar to the 2009 Program below.

The Sixth Environmental & Clean Energy Inaugural Ball

Click here to download a program

Evening Program

8:30 p.m.

Douglas A. Durante, Ball Co-Chair, Clean Fuels Foundation

Jan Hartke, Ball Co-Chair, Clinton Climate Initiative

Presentation of the Young Marines: Bill Holmberg, Biomass Coordinating Council

Singing of the National Anthem

Getting Neutral: Carbon Offset Certification for the Ball

Entertainment by The Main Event

9:30 p.m.:

A Toast to our Sponsors:
Burl Haigwood, Clean Fuels Development Coalition

A Salute to the Host Committee:
Scott Sklar, Stella Group, Ltd.
Carol Werner, Environmental and Energy Study Institute
John C. Topping, Jr., Climate Institute

9:30 p.m. to midnight

Brief remarks by our guests will be occurring throughout the evening. We would appreciate your cooperation when guests are speaking.

Please be sure to have your commemorative picture taken and your environmental and clean energy message recorded in our YouTube booth in the venue behind the main stage.

Honored Guests

Dr. Steven Chu, Energy Secretary-Designate
Lisa Jackson, Administrator-Designate, Environmental Protection Agency
Nancy Sutley, Chair, White House Council on Environmental Quality
Margo Oge, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, Environmental Protection Agency

Special Guests

Glenn Close, Actress
Daryl Hannah, Actress
Bob King, Actor, Revolution Green
Kelly King, Actress, Revolution Green
Al Cecere, American Eagle Foundation, with the American Eagles Challenger and Mr. Lincoln

Representatives from the National Park Service, Department of Interior, Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Defense, and U.S. Congress, 5 embassies, and over 300 leading environmental and clean energy organizations.

Working Together to Build a Better Tomorrow: Environmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Ball
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