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Posted on on December 18th, 2012
by Pincas Jawetz (

The AMERICANA pages of Monday, December 17, 2012, in the New York Times show the US Soul Searching that knows that finding a way out of the rampant killings with the hand-on-a-gun morass is not a sure thing.
Is the Gun Lobby Invincible?
Room for Debate ?

Is the Gun Lobby Invincible? Can gun control advocates overcome the power of the National Rifle Association?



Invitation to a Dialogue: Beyond Gun Control – A writer says we need to “change the culture of violence.”



Obama’s Gun Test –  Newtown has become a decisive test of whether second-term Obama is different. The signs are not good. His Newtown speech did not contain two essential words: guns and laws.



The Bullet’s Legacy – Gunfire atop the Empire State Building changed everything about a young man’s life. It changed nothing about our armed, dangerous and permissive ways.



Let’s Get M.A.D.D. About Guns -Other countries have tightened their gun laws to good effect. Why not us?



Reason to Hope After the Newtown Rampage –  This country has a history of facing tragedy and becoming better for it. Our next challenge is to address the epidemic of gun violence.

Personal Guns and the Second Amendment – The courts must be very cautious about extending the individual right to own a gun.

In Other Countries, Laws Are Strict and Work –  Stricter gun control laws in other countries have worked to curtail firearm homicides.

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