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Posted on on December 29th, 2012
by Pincas Jawetz (

Energizing our Built-In Optimism and Renewing our Hopes.


Dear Compatriots,

It just dawned on me that the New Year will bear the number 13, which in
most of the world is perceived as good luck. I hope that it will indeed bring
us the luck we all so badly need.

Let us hope for a more peaceful year, a year with less gun violence, with less
natural disasters, with less hatred in our country and in the entire world.

May you all enjoy good health, good laughs, good spirits and much love.



P.S. Relax! ¬† I don’t expect an individual ¬†answer from all List members.

Ruth Glasberg Gold


An after-thought: In Chinese tradition the outgoing year that started January 23, 2012, is the YEAR OF THE DRAGON
– and the Year that starts at the Spring Festival February 10, 2013, will be known as the YEAR OF THE SNAKE.

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