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Posted on on November 16th, 2012
by Pincas Jawetz (

China’s New Leaders: No Reform Dream Team

Elizabeth C. Economy

China’s Eighteenth Communist Party Congress was a triumph for the party’s conservative clique and a victory for the status quo.


The Future of Chinese Cyberpower

Adam Segal

China’s new leaders want to expand its development as a global cyberpower and increase both defensive and offensive capabilities. But short-term change is highly unlikely while they consolidate their positions.


Is China Better Off Than It Was Ten Years Ago?

Damien Ma

Although China’s economy has grown robustly in the past ten years, economic inequality has increased, the environment has suffered, and tensions have risen in the Pacific. China’s next president should learn from his predecessor’s errors.


Facing an Economic Turning Point

Peter R. Orszag

While the U.S. is preoccupied with confronting the fiscal cliff, how China’s new leaders navigate its economic challenges may turn out to be more important to the global economy.

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