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Posted on on October 29th, 2012
by Pincas Jawetz (

Campaign for America's Future

OCTOBER 29, 2012
Boston Globe Joins The Chorus
Recently, we at Campaign for America’s Future launched, where Bay Staters can share their memories living under Mitt Romney’s stewardship. If you ever wondered by Romney is losing his home state by 20 points, reading these stories will tell you why. Today, the Boston Globe editorial board jumped in, spurning its former governor in favor of President Obama. The Globe didn’t focus much on Mitt’s dubious record while governor, but raised the question whether Massachusetts really does know the real Mitt.
Conservatism’s Disastrous Disaster-Relief Model
In recent years, the metro D.C. area has faced its share of natural disasters. There was the derecho, and before that, there was the earthquake. Both of those were unexpected disasters. Now we sit waiting for Hurricane Sandy, a potentially devastating disaster that was forecast weeks ago, to make landfall. But there’s an even bigger disaster looming behind this hurricane. It’s not a natural disaster, but an ideological disaster that could strike the whole country, and promises to cost more in terms of human misery and human life than any natural disaster we’ve faced so far.
Is Hurricane Sandy God’s Punishment For No Mention Of Global Warming In Debates?
Conservatives and the Christian Right regularly blame hurricanes on abortion, liberals, government and “teh gay.” But Hurricane Sandy actually is an “unprecedented.” This “Frankenstorm,” with a gale-force wind diameter of 1040 miles, is the largest hurricane in Atlantic history, with the lowest barometric pressure. So we really should ask the question: is Hurricane Sandy actually God’s punishment for not bringing up climate change in the presidential debates?
Batten Down The Hatches
Here’s hoping all of my readers, tweets and personal friends back east are safely tucked up somewhere cozy tonight and that this storm turns out to be far less devastating than expected. And, in case you were wondering, Mitt Romney thinks federal disaster relief is immoral.
Keeping the Rich Comfy: Your Job Future?
We’ve lost our manufacturing economy in the United States. Now we’re losing our service economy. We’re rapidly becoming, some observers fear, a ‘servant economy.’
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