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Posted on on September 7th, 2012
by Pincas Jawetz (

We did not go to Bangkok and we contemplate if to go to Doha, Qatar, November 2012 – in Rio we were inclined to go to Doha.

On the Climate Change UNFCCC runway we stopped counting at the Copenhagen meeting which was the Conference of the Parties – COP 15. Doha will be COP 18. The in-between Cancun and Durban meetings produced documents that did not move the subject forward. (We call them Copenhagen +1 and Copenhagen +2.) Now we all know that the first period of the Kyoto Protocol (COP 3) ends in 2015. (COP 1 was in Berlin in 1995). What next? If nothing is put forward as an alternative to Kyoto then the whole process will deserve a marker that says R.I.P. – Rest in Peace.

These days there is going on a save the convention – UNFCCC Climate Change meeting – 30 August–5 September 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand. We follow this by reading the faithful reportings of the IISD [ ] and the ECO reports of  Kyle Gracey of

And the latter, in issue #4 has the following talk about the elephant in the room – this is an overhang of 13 billion tons of CO2 surplus AAUs that are supposed to be moved on to next Kyoto period. But this is equal to almost three times the total emissions of the EU, so this would lead to no decrease in CO2 emissions whatsoever by bringing in a suppply of hot air larger then the current commitment of the EU countries. Even without allowing the Russian hot air – this still will be a death blow to reductions beyond business as usual and thus no hope for the future.

{An Assigned Amount Unit (AAU) is a tradable ‘Kyoto unit’ or ‘carbon credit‘ representing an allowance to emit greenhouse gases comprising one metric tonne of carbon dioxide equivalents calculated using their Global Warming Potential.[1] [2] Assigned Amount Units are issued up to the level of initial “assigned amount” of anAnnex 1 Party to the Kyoto Protocol.[3][4]

The “assigned amounts” are the Kyoto Protocol Annex B emission targets  (or “quantified emission limitation and reduction objectives”) expressed as levels of allowed emissions over the 2008-2012 commitment period.[5]}


We suggest to those interested in a positive outcome on climate negotiations to review carefully the outcome from Bangkok and search for an indication of the recognition that the Kyoto Protocol led – in all honesty – to no results – and thus there is an imediate need to find an alternative. We say – one alternative and not a new slate of alternatives that lead to a new series of climate travels. Only a Bangkok outcome that shows that there is such an alternative will avoid this new Doha collapse.


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– If interested in the negotiations at Rio+20 that opened the way to a switch of negotiation-rails to something yet undefined – but clearly to something new after twenty years of talks that did not lead to real results on Sustainability as part of Sustainable Development – this as an example of what is needed in the Climate Change negotiations as well – please see – IISD Reporting Service Daily Rio+20/ENB Web Coverage.

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