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Posted on on August 15th, 2012
by Pincas Jawetz (

Gov. Cuomo: Don’t Frack New York.

from Phil Aroneanu – – August 15, 2012

Governor Andrew Cuomo is on the brink of introducing high volume hydrofracking, a dangerous new gas drilling technique, into New York State.

The Governor promised to be ‘guided by science’ when it came to fracking. He has not kept his promises.

Instead, he put a climate denier in charge of overseeing the environmental review process for fracking, and that kind of recklessness shows — the leaked version of his fracking plan would classify toxic fracking waste as ‘medical waste’, with no added staff to provide oversight of the industry (and no new taxes to pay for that oversight in the future).

Introducing new oil and gas drilling into New York will keep us dangerously addicted to fossil fuels as the world warms, and leave a toxic legacy in the Southern Tier counties that most need an economic revival led by green industry.

We must impress on Gov. Cuomo all of the risks he would take — ecological, economic and political – by giving in to big oil. Action Fund is joining an action called Don’t Frack New York in Albany on August 25th-27th to stop fracking in New York.  Our goal is to show Gov. Cuomo just how many New Yorkers stand for a frack-free future, and to pledge to him that we will begin resistance to fracking should it move forward.

The 25th and 26th there will be trainings, workshops and preparations for the next steps — then on the 27th, the action really gets started: we’ll march through the capital, and deliver our pledges of action right to the Governor’s front door.

Can you be there and help make this a historic stand against the oil and gas industry?

Click here to sign up for Don’t Frack New York in Albany –

Here are the details for the action and training:

WHAT: Don’t Frack New York – Pledge to resist fracking
WHEN: Monday August 27th, 11 AM.
WHERE: March begins at Hudson Riverfront Park, Albany, New York

Trainings will begin Saturday the 25th at Noon at the Albany YMCA, 616 North Pearl Street, and continue through Sunday night.

We’re entering a new phase of resistance in our movement to protect New York.  With Don’t Frack New York, we’re joining a powerful Summer of Solidarity — a summer of action in communities taking on the fossil fuel industry in new, brave ways.

50 grassroots organizations from every corner of New York are coming together to pledge to resist fracking in our state.

If Governor Cuomo permits high-volume, horizontal hydraulic fracturing in any part of New York State, we are pledging to engage in non-violent acts of protest aimed at protecting our communities and showing the folly of more drilling on a warming planet.

We’re expecting hundreds of people to take a stand together later this month – can you be there?

Click here to join Don’t Frack NY.

Governor Cuomo has a choice: either allow fracking to split our communities and threaten our climate or create a clean energy economy that renews New York State.

With all of the creativity and energy we can muster, hopefully we can encourage him to make the right decision for our state. But we’ll need you.



“Is DEC’s top regulator too close to Big Energy for comfort? Spotlight on Brad Field, head of Mineral Resources for NY” Shale Gas Review, Tuesday, July 17, 2012

“Shale Gas Exclusve: Cuomo’s fracking plan takes shape” Shale Gas Review, Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This email was paid for by the Action Fund, which works to empower a dynamic activist movement to fight for the solutions to the climate crisis that science and justice demand. We must use all tools at our disposal for these purposes, including efforts to influence policy and policymakers through bold and creative campaigning. Therefore, the work of Action Fund is necessary to complement the work of our affiliated organization, which works to build a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis.


There are numerous marine black shales in the US with potential to produce gas – potential for hundreds or thousands of TCF

New YorkUS Shale Gas
• From less than 1% of US production in 2000,  

shale gas now accounts for 30% of US

natural gas production.

• Marcellus first produced in 2006, today the  

Marcellus produces 4BCF/D or 6% of US

total .

• Some projections have Marcellus producing 

25% of US total in 2020

• GHG emissions in US declining, at least in  

part because old coal plants are being

replaced by new gas plants.
.  O
rganic-Rich Marine Black Shale

are the source of most

of the oil and gas produced in

the United States and are now

considered          potential

reservoirs themselves.

• The organic matter in marine 

black shales is mainly algae,

plankton, diatoms and spores

that are preserved during


• When organic-rich shales are

buried and heated some of the

organic matter turns into oil

and some turns into gas.
Conventional Petroleum System shows oil and gas migrating from

source rock to reservoir – shales typically source rocks and seals    on more porous reservoirs. In this case the seal is the reservoir.
What May Be The Second Biggest Gas Field in the World is in

the Marcellus Shale and the Production Comes From Rocks that

Look Just Like These

Above link is to a NY State NSERDA study that clearly and easily can blind developers who see the gains and refuse to allow themselves be thwarted by environmental dangers. Will the US allow itself to be exploited as if it were a Third World Colony?

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