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Posted on on July 10th, 2012
by Pincas Jawetz (

the 2nd international seminar on Happiness in Sète – the South of France.

September 14-15, 2012

International Assizes of Happiness : 7 de Coeur

Assizes 2012 – Program Continue reading ?

Friday 14th september
Morning Afternoon
Saturday 15th september
Morning Afternoon


Yamouna DAVID

Avocat honoraire

Vice Présidente exécutive de l’OIB

Observatoire International du Bonheur

14, rue Marcel de Serres – CS 49503 – 34961 Montpellier Cedex 2

Tel : + 33 (0)4 67 61 72 80 – Fax : : + 33 (0)4 67 52 97 79

Port : + 33 (0)6 73 47 40 60 –


Assizes 2012 – Program

Posted on 10 July 2012 by admin

International Assizes of Happiness : 7 de Coeur

Friday 14th september
Morning Afternoon
Saturday 15th september
Morning Afternoon

Friday 14th september – morning

Roadmaps to global Happiness
Georges-Brassens Hall/ 9h-12h
Chairman : Paul Herman
President of EFACS – Advocate and former President of the Clermont-Ferrand Bar
Moderator : Yamouna David
Director of permanent training of lawyers at EFACS- Vice Presidente of the OIB – Honorary Advocate
Opening adress
Jean-Marie Taillade
Second Deputy Mayor – City Hall of Sète – On behalf of the Mayor
Philippe Cannone
President of OIB – Advocate and Former President at the Aurillac Bar
Supportive economy and sharing Patrick Viveret, philosopher
International organizations, catalyst of global well being? Alisa Clarke, President of Global Vision Institute – New-York
Bénédicte Bury, Advocate at the Paris Bar
Anjani Millet, Director – Gross National Happiness World Project – Australia/USA
Shifting towards global governance : what about UN ? Romain Geoffret, trainee – advocate – EFACS
led by : Jean-Christophe Barralis, Institut Français d’Appreciative Inquiry

Friday 14 september – afternoon

Sustainable development and social happiness
Georges-Brassens Hall / 14h-19h30
Chairman : José Maria Cueto Alvarez de Sotomayor
Advocate (Spain) – Expert and consultant to the European Union
Moderator : Yann Meric
Member of the Board and Vice-President of OIB – Advocate at the Perpignan Bar
Growth, happiness and obsolescence Jean Gabriel Foucaud, Psychothérapeute – Coach
Environment, development et sustainability Kishor Uprety Advocate (Népal) – Senior Counselor in South an East Asia- World Bank legal Department.
Thierry Salomon,  Energy Ingineer – President of NégaWatt
Participatory democracy and progress Elodie Pourret, Victoria Fromageat, Charlène DherotTrainee Advocates – EFACS
Etienne ChouardResearcher
Led by : Elodie Pourret, Victoria Fromageat, Charlène Dherot, Elèves-avocats – EFACS
Music : Wild Jazz
Documentary  “Indices”

Saturday 15th september – Morning Session

Social Peace and Sustainable Happiness
Georges-Brassens Hall / 9h30-13h
Chairman : Michèle Tisseyre
Advocate and Presidente of Montpellier Bar Association
Moderator : Philippe Canonne
President of OIB, Advocate and former President of Aurillac Bar Association
Criminal Law and individuals : a short or long term social peace ? Catherine Frayssinet, Marie Bernardin, Ziane Ouali, Trainee Advocates – EFACS
Yvan Gazagnes, Social Integration Trainer, Head of Human Rights League in “nor Bassin de Thau”.
Isabelle Lebourgeois, External supervisor of prisons – Psychanalyst
Led by : Jean-Christophe Barralis, French Institute of Institut of Appreciative Inquiry
Criminal Law, nations and social peace François Roux, Honorary Advocate, Head defense Office – Speical Tribunal for Lebanon.
Jacques Lecomte, President of the French association of positive psychology.
Led by : Philippe Canonne, President of OIB, Advocate and former president of Aurillac Bar Association.

Saturday 15th september – Afternoon
Le Grand Débat
Théâtre de la Mer / 15h30-19h
Chairman : Francis Teitgen, Advocate and former president of Paris Bar Association. 
Coordination: Jean-Christophe Barralis, French Institute of Institut of Appreciative Inquiry
Opening adress
Vivian Labrie, Expert at the “Carrefour des Savoirs sur la richesse
et les inégalités” (Saguenay and Lac Saint-Jean, Québec)
• Participatory democracy and collective happiness
• Happiness and contentment at workl
• Happiness and criminal Law
• International organizations and global happiness
• Sustainable development and society happiness
Delphine Andres – Laura Benand – Marie Bernardin – Charlène Dherot – Catherine Frayssinet – Victoria Fromageat – Romain Geoffrey – Amandine Jacinto – Laura Moysan – Ziane Ouali – Elodie Pourret – 
Trainee Advocates- EFACS
Public report from the workshops
Open forum
Crafting happiness Christian Charrière-Bournazel,Advocate and former President of Paris Bar Association, President of the French National Board of Bar Association.
Closing of the conference
Abdullah Cissé,
Academic Professor,
Member of the International Law Institute,
Advocate (Senegal)
Concert : New Orleans by “Canibal Dandies”
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