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Posted on on March 10th, 2012
by Pincas Jawetz (


Final Natural Resources workshop starts in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.

Twenty journalists from all over Iraq joined international trainer James Gavin in Erbil for the final of three workshops on Natural Resources. The workshop gives detailed information about oil, gas and water issues in Iraq.

The five day workshop started on March 10, 2012 with a guest lecture by Ben Lando, who leads the Iraqi Oil Report website in Baghdad.

He informs the participants about oil- and gas-contracts as they are used in Iraq.
The project, in which IMCK partners with Mesalah and Kirkuk Journalists Group is funded by Norwegian Peoples Aid (NPA).
Earlier workshops took place in October and December 2011.
The stories produced during the workshop will be published on the special website made for the project:

Start a career in journalism?
Do you want to become a journalist in 2 months? And earn an IMCK certificate?
IMCK will start a 2 months course for Kurdish young men and women who want to become a (print) journalist. IMCK’s best trainers will teach them how to write good articles, how to report in a responsible way, what modern journalism is. The course, that focusses on print journalism will start in Erbil on 4 March 2012.
There are only 15 places for all Kurdistan, so hurry and apply.
Terms and Conditions:
Age between 18-30 years.
200 dollars fee payable for the whole 2 months.
At least a secondary school graduate.
Free accomodation is provided for a limited number of students from outside Erbil.
IMCK certificate earns you 2 score points in Masters’ apllication.
For more information please contact Saman Penjwini 07710178468.

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