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Posted on on February 11th, 2012
by Pincas Jawetz (

Why Going ‘Back To Normal’ Is No Longer An Option for the American Economy — And Where We’re Headed Now

Stop waiting around, because “normal” as we know it isn’t coming back. READ MORE

Sara Robinson / AlterNet

5 Right-Wing Governors Gutting Schools to Fund Prisons, Tax Breaks for the Rich…And a Bible Theme Park

When state after state slashes education dollars, we see what matters to them–and where they spend while cutting schools tells us even more. READ MORE

Sarah Jaffe / AlterNet

New Hampshire GOP Reps Offer Bill to Eliminate Lunch Breaks for Workers
By Booman | Booman Tribune


Tensions flare in Athens ahead of austerity vote – 10/02/2012 18:06:03

Greek anti-austerity protesters threw rocks and petrol bombs at police
outside parliament on Friday, as MPs prepare to vote through new cuts over
the weekend.


Sunday is Darwin Day. How Will You Celebrate It?

February 12 is Darwin’s Birthday — a holiday for the reality-based community  READ MORE

By Glenn Branch / AlterNet

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