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Posted on on December 14th, 2011
by Pincas Jawetz (

A Beirut-headquartered bank is being closed after the US drug enforcement agency’s six years of investigation provided proof that it contained a Hezbollah outlet used to move drugs-money and Conflict-diamonds money wrapped under all sorts of blown-up figures from otherwise legitimate business. In effect this was a financial river that supplied funds to organizations using terrorism as an extension of political  methods. Lebanon, Syria and Iran were involved directly, so were officials and businesses in many parts of Latin America and Africa. Drug money from Europe and the United States also found the way into these financial funnels and direct Caracas – Damascus flights carried some of the goods, as were flights via Africa. The saddest part in this story is that some in the US enforcement agencies were afraid to disclose these findings earlier, as there was the thought that the US will be accused of political motivation. This comes to show that really it does not make sense to protect the criminals from that the Western Press might be inclined to misrepresent.
The article, as per following link, says that eventually those who won were those  that thought to expose a good find in order to get good people on the side of truth.

Funding takeover of important real estate in Lebanon became a means to conquer the State for the Shiia Hezbollah, and form new pressure points  against Israel. This was the opposite of what we consider as Sustainable Development.

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