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Posted on on September 25th, 2011
by Pincas Jawetz (

Mr. Herman Cain is the clear winner of this weekend’s Florida straw poll among the Republican Presidential contenders. We say that raising Mr. Cain was helped by the Friday Show at the UN General Assembly.

The political analysts have an opinion that we find incomplete. What they say is that:

Cain, an African American in a party with few major black figures, benefited because only he, former House speaker Newt Gingrich and former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum stayed in Florida to speak to the delegates right before the vote, while other candidates left the state early. But while Romney had a limited presence here, Perry competed hard.

Before leaving for a party event in Michigan, the Texas governor organized a 7 a.m breakfast Saturday morning for Florida Republican activists. He spent an hour there going table-by-table, meeting and taking pictures before giving a short speech.

But in interviews, the delegates at the straw poll said Perry had for now lost their votes after Thursday’s debate, in which he at times struggled to answer questions, raising doubts about his ability to compete with President Obama in a debate if he is the GOP nominee.

The straw poll completed three days of campaigning in Florida by the GOP hopefuls, including the debate. Party activists from across the state came to Orlando for the event, dubbed Presidency 5, as it was held for the fifth time.

While Florida voters did not hold a straw poll in 2007, the previous three winners (Ronald Reagan 1979; George H.W. Bush, 1987; and Robert J. Dole, 1995), all went on to the Republican nomination.

The Republicans here who backed Cain acknowledged he is not likely to repeat that history.

But we say something completely different:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign was dealt a worrying blow Saturday when he finished a distant second to businessman Herman Cain in a closely watched straw poll in Florida.
Cain won 37% of the 2,657 votes cast in the straw poll conducted at Presidency 5, a three-day convention sponsored by the Republican Party of Florida. Perry got just 410 votes, or 15.4%. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney finished third with 14%.
Perry was expected to win the straw poll as the week began, but his underwhelming performance at a GOP debate on Thursday night raised questions about his readiness for prime time.
We say that the Friday Show from the UN was part of the reason for raising Mr. Cain. He is a strong backer of Israel and this is a winning card in US politics.
The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, was the site of a Republican presidential debate sponsored by Fox News and Google in conjunction with the Republican Party. In the debate participated all 9 contenders. This debate was then followed on the weekend by the straw poll. In between there was the UN Palestinian festival seen on TV and we bet that the result of the straw poll has to do with the fact that Herman Cain, a black Baptist from Georgia, is a strong backer of Israel. He was part of the preparations for the Glenn Beck crusade to Jerusalem – and we covered thisexactly one month ago from Israel at:…
Further, our archives show we started to look at Mr. Cain already before the 2008 elections. —
This time around we looked at him as he started early on to campaign in New Hampshire –

and then we found him on the entourage of pundit Glenn Beck in Israel as part of the effort to make backing Israel part of this year’s US electioneering. This did not evolve as planned, but nevertheless it made it even clearer then ever that much of the US is in Israel’s corner whatever may come. We think this last straw poll is just another evidence.


“GOP Presidential hopeful Herman Cain who traveled to Israel to attend Glenn’s Restoring Courage event and visited Judaism’s sacred Wailing Wall. He could not speak as planned originally, at the actual rally because the House Ethics Committee (obviously chaired now by a Republican) called on its members not to attend the Restoring Courage event because it appeared to have a political affiliation, prompting Glenn to blast House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican,  for “playing politics” with Israel “in their hour of need.”

Herman Cain

Cain is the former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza and former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. He lost the Georgia Republican primary for a U.S. Senate seat in 2004. He was recently the host of Atlanta-based radio show.


Date of Birth

  • December 13, 1945

Place of Birth

  • Republican

Political Party

  • Republican


  • Host of The New Voice Radio Show (currently on hiatus)


  • Baptist


  • 1967: Morehouse College, B.S.
  • 1971: Purdue University, M.A.


  • 1995-1996: Chairman at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
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