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Posted on on September 27th, 2011
by Pincas Jawetz (

Shanna Tova U Metukah . V`G’mar Chatimah Tovah!…Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year! Greetings from Chassida Shmella Ethiopian Jewish Community.

And inspired by Rabbi Michael Lerner of the Beyt-Tikkun synagogue-without-walls in Berkeley – blessings for the New Year —

may it be filled with love, well-being, psychological and spiritual well-being, and  joy, for you and all your family and friends, plus

real steps globally toward peace, social justice, environmental sanity, and a new spirit of generosity and caring for each other.

And  please forgive me on the fronts this website handles, and on any other, in which I have hurt or offended you.

Pincas Jawetz

editor-in-chief of

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