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Posted on on August 15th, 2011
by Pincas Jawetz (

THIS WAS A WORK IN PROGRESS WRITTEN AFTER I SAW ONLY HARTITY – I Piked this up again after having seen SHITZ last night – Sunday August 14th.


As a posting in our series about the Israeli Summer 2011 – we position this as a sequel to the posting #2 – that was also about Hanoch Levin. This posting thus gets #1.2

The previous posting was:


“Hartity” or “Thrill my Heart” or as in another translation – “Move my Heart” – makes the connection between the “Wonderful woman in us” and the image of the woman that is wanted but not realized – all this in context of the “Work of Life” (Mlechet Hechaiim) in which characters move without illusions and make their accounts with the zero of their real life and the reasoned conclusion of “what there is – is it.”

A terrific monolog in this play has just one word – LOVE. The actor manages to find all nuances he wants to find there – we reach from his dreams to the miserable reality of his life. Then there is the LaLaLa who is also the Fegra we mentioned in the previous posting – the critically attacked targets of the Levin world. Here  interpreted by Jeta Monte, the character lives with every little movement on the stage.

On the male side – all Levin Characters first shown in the Ya’akobi and Leidental play – roll up here as Judge Lamka and his friend or alter ego – Pashuniak with the only real woman the just So-So.

The LaLaLa here is presented as a singer that is really not a singer. She has plenty of time for her cavaliers which she presents to Judge Lamka as professionals and he is so gullible that he accepts it.

In general – this is a very good production of a very sad comedy.


To my tremendous surprise, I found that the Cameri Theater production was preempted by a production in Nicosia, Cyprus, March – May 2011.

(Agios Andreas Market Theater, Parthenonos 21, Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus – and I assume it was in Greek, though I am not sure – it might have been in English.)

It says:  THOC’s Experimental Stage presents “Thrill My Heart”, a comedy by Hanoch Levin

‘Thrill My Heart’ is a romantic comedy with no romance, which tells the story of a judge and his singer-lover. The play, written by Israel’s most renowned playwright, was discovered shortly after Levin’s death in 1999 and caused a stir of excitement and anticipation.

Translation from Hebrew: Jacob Simbi

Direction: Theodoros Nikolaides

Sets: Constantinos Taliotis

Costumes: Sose Eskidjian

Music: Lukas Erotokritou


Stavros Louras (Lamka)

Lea Maleni (Lalalala)

George Mouaimis (Pashuniak)

Annita Santorineou (So-So)

Panos Makris (Chorchechalito / Haji Noutza)

Nektarios Theodorou (Barmpaspaskoua / Lofats Bovits)

Diomedes Koufteros (Tatrala / Nazim Bay / Charouz Parantouchi)

Nektarios Theodorou, Diomedes Koufteros, Panos Makris (three youngsters)

please see –…


Then, further on, thanks to the internet, we learned:

Kamil Pasha » Israeli Theater Show in Turkey Canceled Under Threat

22 May 2011 –  by Turkey’s national theater in Antalya, after the theater’s managers saw a performance of Hanoch Levin’sThrill My Heart” in Israel… 

So, should we look into the Middle East politics that evolved on their own, but nevertheless one could say that were predicted by Hanoch Levin when he wrote into the Israeli classics the characters of the Fogra and the LaLaLa?

No, we will not enlarge on this here on what we hinted already in posting #2.


SHITZ  is a family comedy with Levin’s wit and songs dating back to 1988. The original staging was by Roni Toren and it was very popular at that time.

The Shitz family is a mirror to a society that sees its base crumbling while there is a growth of the lust for money.

The couple Fefechts and Tsesha have long dreamt of the day when their daughter Schprachtzi will find a husband. Cherches, a former officer in the military, shows interest, and he wants to marry Shprechtzi.

Shprechtzi wants a ring and a baby, Tcharchess wants money and lots of it. The money must come from Fefechts, the father, who does not have the money or simply does not want to part with it.

“A delicate matter as the non-existence of a father must be carefully arranged” Tcharchess tells Schprachtzi. The two begin to plan, and try to execute, and even manage to get Tsesha, the mother, into their dreams and schemes.

A sad observation by Fefechts: “I have a future son in law who is attached to the dollar, and a daughter attached to sausages.”

The first performance  of this revival by a production team from the Mara Theatre of Kiryat Shmona and the Upper Galilee (directed by Yagil Eliraz with original music by Adi Zisman) with the actors from the Cameri Theatre – Rami Baruch, Esti Kosovitzki, Alon Dahan and Irit Kaplan, took place at the Cameri on February 17, 2011.

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