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Posted on on August 28th, 2011
by Pincas Jawetz (

We posted last week the following –

it dealt mainly with the case of a 4 year old Filipino  girl born in Israel and as such, by all international standards – she was Israeli. But not by Israel government standards. The Israeli law demands the kid to be enrolled in an Israeli school and speak Hebrew. As the school year is starting this week, and some believe that foreign workers create children in order to get permanent status in Israel – the kid has to be expelled before it must be enlisted by law in school/kindergarten. This particular case was so atrocious that even Sara Netanyahu, wife of the Prime Minister, enlisted to help. But this was to no avail. Girl and mother were put on a plane to the Philippines. Father stayed behind in order to continue to be the bread-earner.

Please read previous posting and note that I am enraged!


The Central District Court ruled in a closed-door hearing on Thursday to deport an Israeli-born four-year-old daughter of a Filipino foreign worker. The child’s father, also Filipino, is residing legally in Israel.

The mother, who had been living illegally in Israel for four years with her Israeli born daughter, had petitioned against the deportation.

The petition asked that the mother and daughter be allowed to remain in Israel another month, and then leave voluntarily rather than being forcibly deported.

Sara Netanyahu also got involved in the case, and sent a letter to Interior Minister Eli Yishai asking that he stop the child’s deportation.

Last week, the District Court issued a temporary stay of the deportation orders against them, pending the petition.

Attorney Oded Feller, representing the child and her mother, told the court that while in general illegal residents should be deported, in the case of children the state should put the child’s best interests first.

SARA NETANYAHU meets with four-year-old Ofek, who was deported yesterday despite the intervention of the prime minister’s wife last week.

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