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Posted on on June 30th, 2011
by Pincas Jawetz (

People understand that the future is with electricity driven motor vehicles. Without waiting for improvements of the motor vehicle batteries, systems are being put in place for a two-minutes battery change and we just posted about such work in Austria that extends the reach of electro-mobility from private cars to community busses. Nevertheless, the market for electro-mobility is growing fast – the limit being the hold back by auto manufacturers that do not supply fast enough these vehicles – the plug-inns and the hybrids. Hybrids, we are informed now, have despite all of this sold already two million vehicles in the United States by May 2011. We follow closely advances in the EV market via the Israel based

Shmuel De-Leon Batteries, Fuel Cells & EV Industry website.

By coincidence last night, proudly,  Mr. Ludwig Plessner gave me a ride here in Vienna, in his Hybrid vehicle – after an event with former Vice-Chancellor Erhard Busek, now President of the European Forum Alpbach, at the Austrian People’s Party OEVP Political Academy led by former Defense Minister Fasslabend. As we mentioned in the past – in Austria the Greens and in some parts of the People’s Party – OEVP – there is active push for EV mobility.

Now we learn that motor vehicle industry in the US – Michigan State based – is organizing a joint effort to lower the costs of the battery. We think that honest research by the industry is highly welcome but hope for competitive research market-driven rather then some joint effort that can hide a common interest in innaction as long as the public still buys petroleum fuel based motor vehicle propulsion. We also hope the news about the new Michigan effort does not stall the development of battery-switching systems that were started by BETTER PLACE when the auto-motive industry did not co-operate and in practice killed its earlier efforts in developing plug-in EV vehicles as was shown eloquently in the film “Who Killed The Electric Car?”

The news that brought us to post this article are:

Translating Technical Solutions Into Commercial Opportunities For Reducing The Cost Of Electric Vehicle And Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Batteries – an industry conference.

September 27-28, 2011, Troy, Michigan

The mission of EV Battery Tech USA: 4th Global Cost Reduction Initiative is to understand how lessons learnt from current generation batteries can drive down the cost of the battery in the short-term and to introduce real-life examples of battery performance to examine energy density, battery life, battery testing, cell degradation and failure and battery safety improvement.

The initiative will also examine cost reduction solutions at the level of battery materials, manufacturing, thermal management and charging. EV Battery Tech is the only EV summit designed to address specific issues raised by an advisory panel of leading vehicle OEMs.

Speakers at the summit will be:

  • Incorporating battery usage in the real world through post-launch case examples
  • Analyzing technical solutions for improving energy density
  • Evaluating cost-effective battery life extension and battery life testing practices
  • Examining alternatives to battery safety testing methodologies
  • Breaking down costs associated with development of the cathode, anode and electrolyte
  • Introducing recent developments on quality assurance and reliability throughout the manufacturing cycle
  • Discussing improved battery performance through advances in thermal management
  • Introducing how the battery can be optimized for level 3 charging
  • Assessing recycling opportunities, raw materials cost reduction and transportation issues to harmonize the supply chain

Confirmed Speakers include:

  • Takehito Yokoo, General Manager of Advanced Powertrain, Toyota
  • Ted Miller, Senior Manager of Energy Storage Strategy and Research, Ford
  • Zafer Sahinoglu, Senior Principle Member Research Staff, Mitsubishi
  • Cheng Tung, Director of Cell Integration, CODA Automotive
  • Egil Mollestad, Chief Technology Officer, Think
  • Albert Lam, CEO, Detroit Electric
  • John Pohill, CEO, Venturi Autmobiles N. America
  • Naveen Munjal, Managing Director, Hero Electric
  • Ian Wright, CEO, Wrightspeed
  • Anil Ananthakrishna, Chairman & CEO, Ekovehicles
  • Paul Dagrepoint, Development Design Engineer, Li-Ion Motors
  • Kent Snyder, Battery Technical Expert, Ford
  • Jackton Lu, Founder & CEO, Lujo EV R&D
  • Alvaro Masias, Energy Storage Research Engineer, Ford
  • Peter Van Den Bossche, Secretary of TC69, IEC
  • Dr. Jim Miller, Senior Technical Advisor, US Department of Energy
  • Dr. Jeffrey Chamberlain, Department Head, Electrochemical Energy Storage Major Initiative, Argonne National Lab

Intertek and Primet Precision Materials are confirmed as program launch co-sponsors.  Primet Precision Materials previously co-sponsored the 3rd EV Battery Tech: Global Cost Reduction Initiative.  Their continued involvement is a clear testament to the value and return on investment received from previous activity in the series.

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