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Posted on on June 27th, 2011
by Pincas Jawetz (

Addition – the map of South Sudan the way it will get its Independence July 9, 2011. The problem is that Nubia districts and the Abyei want to join South Sudan –

Southern Kordofan has a history of being oppressed. Now it sits between the South and the North. Abyei is part of it.

North Sudan, South Sudan, Darfur, and the rest that includes Abyei, The Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains region and the Eastern Area – all in the news for years. In short – an empire in Africa that will fall apart at a time of new interventions by economic interests from afar. Looking at Sudan the facts may not be always on the table.

Map showing political regions of Sudan as of July 2006 a base year to understand what goes on now:

ORANGE -North Sudan

GREEN Р   Darfur

BLUE – South Sudan

YELLOW – Abyei

PURPLE – Eastern Area of operations

REDISH – Blue Nile // Nuba Mountains

File:Political Regions of Sudan, July 2006.svg

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