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Posted on on June 4th, 2011
by Pincas Jawetz (

The Rothwald Old Forrest (“Urwald”) in the wilderness next to Deurrenstein (Durenstein) is closed to regular visitors though it is accessible via guided tours. This in order to guard this very important nature resource from those that trample it with their feet and  fill it with noise and salt it with garbage. In short nature needs to be guarded from us – its willful destroyers. Take it for what it is worth – man is the pest and not the warden of the earth.

„Wilderness Dürrenstein“, covering an area of nearly 1 235 acres, is characterized by the largest and vastest natural forests of Austria, which have not been cultivated or managed since the last ice age. As part of the Austrian Nature Conservancy Programme „Wilderness Dürrenstein“ therefore plays an important role in the protection of ecosystems and their endangered species in regard to sustainability.

To show further what we detest – please see what we also found on Google when looking for that wilderness:

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