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Posted on on April 17th, 2011
by Pincas Jawetz (

 The prime minister of Turkey –  Recep Tayyip Erdo?an – accepted the “Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rightsin Tripoli, Libya, on Dec. 1, 2010, for his “distinguished service to humanity.”   … OK – this is the service of Mr. Edogan as judged by Mr. Gaddafi.

In his acceptance speech, Erdo?an said that the award will further encourage him to fight for human rights and that “Islamophobia” is a crime against humanity.

After receiving the award, Erdo?an reported on his meeting with Qaddafi, indicating that ties between the two countries are growing.

The slogan of the “Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights” is “As the sun shines for everyone, freedom is a right for everyone.” Lovely, no, especially at a moment when Mu’ammar al-Qaddafi’s war planes are raining down death and destruction on his own subject people, and when foreign mercenaries are brutalizing the population?

The prize description  of the Al-Gaddafi Prize includes:

The prize is awarded every year to one of the international personalities, bodies or organizations that have distinctively contributed to rendering an outstanding human service and has achieved great actions in defending Human rights, protecting the causes of freedom and supporting peace everywhere in the world. …

The Prize categorically believes that freedom is an indivisible natural right for Man – it is not a gift or grace from anybody, and that safeguarding it is a general human responsibility.

Past recipients of the prize have also included Nelson Mandela (1989), “The Red Indians” (1991), Louis Farrakhan (1996), Fidel Castro (1998), and Hugo Chavez (2004). Will at least Nelson Mandela declare now that the acceptance of that prize was based on misconceptions about the man who funded it?

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