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Posted on on November 19th, 2010
by Pincas Jawetz (

The 2011 incoming class of US Congress has 13 new Republican Senators and more then 80 new Republican House members.
Many of these are TEA party products. Some of these might have gotten their nominations with oil industry money, but most of them are grass-root folks that have no historic loyalty to the Republican party. Within this there might be the saving grace for the Obama Presidency.


These are pay-offs to the home audience in the individual States. The best case that came to our attention was last years funds diverted to the State of Mississippi by the two Republican Senators – in between them Mississippi harvested in Washington close to one Billion dollars. The Republican Senators were not going to forgo this “Mana” from the Washington slush-heaven.

President Obama asked to stop this but neither Republicans, nor most of his own Democrats, had any intention to show signs of addiction withholding from the Federal Pockets. But here come the TEA party folks and put the Republicans on notice – WE ARE AGAINST EARMARKS they say – We will not include them in appropriation bills and we want you also not to come up with Earmarks.

Low and behold, a proud addict like Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, after two days of Tea party assault on him decides that he will support a proposed ban on earmarks. The Democrats will have a hard time not to match this. In any case – we predict – in these shallow political times in the US – the TEA party may yet surprise us all – they may actually become President Obama’s Congressional allies that he never had within his own party.

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