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Posted on on November 21st, 2010
by Pincas Jawetz (

John McLaughlin, host of The McLaughlin Group on CBS TV, Predicted to day that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will not seek a second term.

Above is not earth-shaking news, but his further suggestion that Chilean President, Sebastian Pinera will be next UNSG is astonishing. The gentleman was sworn in Mar 11, 2010 as president of Chile, minutes after Chile was hit by the largest aftershock since the February 2010 earthquakes. Since that time he was a hero in the way he led the rescue of trapped miners. All that was indeed a sequence of plagues that he withstood very well – a good omen for a UN Secretary-General.

But on the other hand, his predecessor, the outgoing President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet,on September 14, 2010, was appointed by Mr. Ban Ki-moon as UN Under-Secretary-General of UN Women, and it is not UN practice to have two people from the same country have such high UN appointments.

Further, as Mr. Ban Ki-moon, as a Korean, with only one term at the UN helm, according to UN practice has to be followed by another Asian. That is why we suggested that President Obama might look to an Indian – if he indeed wants to show that the suggestion to bring in India to the UN Security Council, was more then plain rhetoric. As it is common knowledge – changing the structure of the UN Security Council is a very difficult cause. Appointing a UNSG, is much easier in this respect, and India’s opponent – China – might really find it inconvenient to pick a fight with the US President for just a UNSG appointment.

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