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Posted on on October 29th, 2010
by Pincas Jawetz (

Tipped off by leaked information from UN staff it is confirmed by UN officials that Headquarters and expansion space (in UN lingo called “swing space”) are infested by bed-bugs. Some think they came with the movers vans and now spread with the distribution of documents – a good case to make is thus – distribute UN material only electronically – the UN censors will take care of any bugs easier this way.

More seriously – people spend thousands of dollars trying to get bed bugs out of their houses. If bed bugs are brought home from the UN, who will pay? Even on the health issues, the source of the UN’s medical advice is not clear.

About the Delegates Dining Room that was brought down to earth from the high fourth floor to the first floor, where it took over the better part of the old staff cafeteria, it will be closed for lack of a home crowd, left to be patronized by school children and plain tourists. We found this out in our attempt to taste the high Korean cuisine. To be fair – the place was nice and clean, the food good, and the service excellent – considering the buffet-style lunch.

Going to the UN these days leaves one wondering why do people fight so hard to get in there if the house management seems to be bent on this slow process of self-destruction. Gilbert and Sullivan would be best reporters of the UN House charade these days.


The story got legs – October 28, 2010  has a title – “BED BUGS SETTLE IN AT THE UN.”

The offices of the team that supervises the $1.9 Billion renovation of the UN, housed in the basement of the Dag Hammarskjold Library has furniture infested, separated and fumigated. The third floor of that building was checked for the bugs, but Inner City Press tells us that the UN did not bother to check the Press floor on that building’s second floor – and you guessed it – the UN Spokesperson misspoke when giving out incomplete and misleading answers to the journalist’s inquiry. Oh! – those bugs!

So, the news is that the UN is not only unable to provide true answers on its dealings in places like the Sudan – something one attributes to pressure from the big members like China or the Arab States – but even lowly bed bugs present hurdles to speaking complete truth.

Please see that continuing charade on as well as the Sudan charade.

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