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Posted on on July 10th, 2010
by Pincas Jawetz (

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BIDR Homepage | Albert Katz International School of Desert Studies | Drylands, DesertsĀ and Desertification 2010
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Drylands, Deserts and Desertification:The Route to Restoration.

The Third International Conference on
Drylands, Deserts and Desertification:
The Route to Restoration
November 8-11, 2010
Sede Boqer Campus, Israel

Drylands, Deserts and Desertification: The Route to Restoration

The Third International Conference on
Drylands, Deserts and Desertification:
The Route to Restoration.
DDD  2010 Poster
November 8-11, 2010
Sede Boqer Campus, Israel
Please note that we offer some great pre & post conference tours!
5-7 Nov – pre conference tours
11-14 Nov – post conference tours

Please note that: Registration, Abstract Submission and Grant Application are all conducted Online.

NEW!! Abstract Submission (for lectures) extended to July 20

“Then the land will yield its fruit, and you will eat your fill and live there in safety.” (Leviticus 25:19)


The International Conference on Drylands, Deserts and Desertification (DDD) has emerged as an important global gathering of scientists, field workers, industry, government, NGO and international aid agency officials from over 50 countries. The conference brings together experts, officials and lay people concerned about land degradation and development. The presentations consider practical solutions for sustainable and prosperous livelihoods in the drylands. The rich variety of perspectives creates a stimulating, interdisciplinary and compelling meeting.

The program combines plenary lectures and panels, parallel sessions, workshops, field trips and social events. The four day conference provides an opportunity for a diverse group of experts, policy makers and land managers to consider a range of theoretical and practical issues associated with combating desertification and living sustainably in the drylands.

The thematic focus of the 3rd conference will consider the restoration of degraded drylands. This “positive” orientation embraces the notion that trend need not be destiny, and that most desertified lands, ecosystems and economies can at least rehabilitated. Local case studies will be highlighted along side of success stories from around the world with an emphasis on quantitative indicators of progress. In addition additional sessions will be held considering a broad range of topics associated with sustainable living in the drylands and desertification.

Please check the website periodically.
Up-to-date information on deadlines and procedures will be posted as it becomes available.

Contact Information

Ms. Dorit Korine, Conference Coordinator
Drylands, Deserts & Desertification Conference
The Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Sede Boqer Campus
84990 Midreshet Ben Gurion, ISRAEL

Tel: +972 (8) 659 6781
Fax: +972 (8) 659 6772

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