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Posted on on July 2nd, 2010
by Pincas Jawetz (

The games are held for the first time in Africa – South Africa that is. for the first time an African country has the chance to reach the semifinals of four teams. Now they are the only non-Latin South-cone or classic European team among the surviving 8 teams.

The others are: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay from the South of South America, and Germany, Netherlands, and Spain from the European clasics.

The Wall Street Journal writes: “However bleak its prospects, Ghana has the backing of all of Africa. Former South African president Thabo Mbeki has called the team“Baghana, Baghana” – a play on Bafana, Bafana, the beloved South African team’s home nickname.

In the US the feelings are mixed because of Ghana having been involved in eliminating the US both in 2006 and this year – but the US recognizes a good underdog and the chance for a good political win – SO – GO GHANA – GO!

Whoever saw the movie/documentary –¬† “A Beautiful Game” – recognizes the magic of soccer in Nation Building.

It is obvious – today the whole stadium will be for Ghana – let’s see if they make history.


Also, The Wall Street Journal has a listing of “HOW MUCH ARE THESE TEAMS WORTH?” – that is in money terms.

They found that the top financial value is on Spain at $38 Million average value per player – with Xavi Hernandez topping the list at $87.4 Million.

They are followed by Brazil with $20.6 Million average and Kaka at $67.2 Million, and Argentina at $20.3 Million average but Lionel Messi at $107.6 Million – the top ranked individual player, of all players, these days.

The list continues in the following order:

4. Germany at $17.1 Million average;
5. The Netherlands at $ 14.9 Million average;
6. Uruguay at $7.6 Million average and Diego Forlan at $29.6 Million as top;
7. Paraguay at $3,8 Million average;

with last placed  Р8. Ghana at just $3.4 Million average and Sulley Muntan at $17.5 Million top.

Now, if you did not realize yet what underdog means – here you have it also in financial terms. Thanks Wall Street Journal for illuminating this aspect of the game and enlightening us. But, yes, we root for Ghana and hope the financial value will improve also.

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