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Posted on on June 9th, 2010
by Pincas Jawetz (

from: ADC Media <>
date: Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 10:59 AM
subject: ADC Thanks Ms. Helen Thomas for Legendary Service.

Washington, DC | June 9, 2010 | |  Helen Thomas, 89, Dean of the White House Press Corp, and lauded as a “Pioneer Journalist” and Trailblazer for female journalists,” apologized for her May 27, 2010, response when she was asked “Any comments on Israel…?” and she responded “Tell them to get the [] out of Palestine.” Upon further prodding, Ms. Thomas stated that “Remember these people are occupied and it’s their land…” and those who are the occupiers should “…go home” to “Poland, Germany…And America and everywhere else.”

In her apology, Ms. Thomas wrote:  “I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians.  They do not reflect my heartfelt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance.  May that day come soon.”
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) thanks Ms. Thomas for her legendary service, and acknowledges Ms. Thomas’ apology.  ADC believes that Ms. Thomas should be judged on her “50-plus years of probing journalism, and not on a 30-second sound bite,” as stated by Mr. Zool Zulkowitz, who represents American Jews defending Ms. Thomas.  Mr. Zulkowitz further said that, “We are clear what Helen Thomas meant to say, which is that Israel should cease its occupation of Palestine…” And, as Mr. Paul Jay wrote: “Not all criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism…Helen Thomas’ isn’t.”
As President Obama recognized in his historic address in Cairo on June 4, 2009, the Palestinian people – Muslims and Christians – have endured the pain of dislocation for more than 60 years.  “Many wait in refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza, and neighboring lands for a life of peace and security that they have never been able to lead.  They endure the daily humiliations – large and small – that come with occupation.  So let there be no doubt:  The situation for the Palestinian people is intolerable …”
It is our hope that other journalists would rise in Ms. Thomas’ place and espouse her courage in asking the hard questions.  As Ms. Katrina Vanden Heuvel wrote yesterday in the Washington Post: “…isn’t there room for someone who made a mistake, apologized and wants to continue speaking truth to power and asking tough questions?”   We certainly hope so.  We also hope that we will continue to celebrate Ms. Thomas’ lifetime of courageous, frontline journalism; and that she will not be intimidated by the recent hateful accusations or deterred from her insightful questioning and reporting.

Contact: Sara Najjar-Wilson, President
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), which is non-profit, non-sectarian and non-partisan, is the largest Arab-American civil rights organization in the United States. It was founded in 1980 by former Senator James Abourezk to protect the civil rights of people of Arab descent in the United States and to promote the cultural heritage of the Arabs. ADC has 38 chapters nationwide, including chapters in every major city in the country, and members in all 50 states.
The ADC Research Institute (ADC-RI), which was founded in 1981, is a Section 501(c)(3) educational organization that sponsors a wide range of programs on behalf of Arab Americans and of importance to all Americans. ADC-RI programs include research studies, seminars, conferences and publications that document and analyze the discrimination faced by Arab Americans in the workplace, schools, media, and governmental agencies and institutions. ADC-RI also celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Arabs.
# # #
We posted the above as received for two very important reasons and hope to make myself clear:
(a) we believe in freedom of the press and in the right of a journalist to ask hard questions in a press conference but I do not accept the idea that repeating chaff is deemed as journalistic behavior. Yes, Ms. Thomas made extreme remarks that we can excuse because of her advanced age and we believe that the time has come for her to retire so she could be still remembered as a pioneer when talking of women conquest of the White House Press room. Fine – she said – she excused herself and we can forget.
(b) we believe that Israel has no business in ruling over Gaza – and indeed it does not rule over Gaza. We believe that there should have been two States carved out of old British Mandate of Palestine – but in 1948 only one State was created – The State of Israel. WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BECOME A STATE FOR THE ARAB PALESTINE DID NOT COME INTO EXISTENCE BECAUSE OF OCCUPATION BY THE STATES OF JORDAN AND EGYPT. For twenty years Ms. Helen Thomas did not protest the occupation of Palestine by Arabs – where was she then? Did she have any addresses of “hell” at that time?
(c) Now, let me tell the ADC and Helen Thomas that though I am not of Lebanese ancestry, I stood next to Uri Avnery in Ramallah under a Palestinian flag – this because I believe that Israel must negotiate a way out of parts of the West Bank, in ways that allow the Palestinians to live their life without occupation as they have the possibility to do so in Gaza. If life in Gaza is not acceptable, yes, that must be fixed and the Palestinians must cooperate by helping stop the ongoing warfare.
(d) the issue is not Helen Thomas but the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). Here again, we sympathize with what they set out to do – which as stated at creation was to become the counterpart of the Jewish ADL – The Anti-Defamation League – that made sure Jews are not blamed out of anti-Semmitism and we believe just the same – Arabs should not be blamed out of a post 9/11 anti-Arabism. So far so good. But that does not mean that this line in any way is allowed to become anti-Israelism which is really a new way of expressing anti-Semmitism. This point we bring home by looking up the “Zool Zulkowitz” of the ADC PRESS RELEASE and I will elaborate further on.
(e)… tells us something about a man called Paul Zoolkowitz who likes to call himself “ZOOL” – this as in “Zoologic animal”
and though I hate to do this – I will post that article in full so you can judge for yourself what this lover of peace and Lyndon LaRouche, member of Ralph Nader’s Green Party, and constant protestor in favor of what he perceives as Arab causes (the war in Iraq, Palestine, dresses like a Black September fighter)  is really like. Just decide for yourselves if he speaks for any Jewish group. And again please, I know of Jewish groups that want Israel to adjust its policies so that negotiations are easier, but these are not paranoic suicidal people. We would rather prefer that the ADC alignes with such people and not self proclaimed Jewish strays that cannot give cover to Arab strays.
FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2006

Trouble is back.

UP FRONT News April 30, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss Editorial Advisor: Willard Whitingham
“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


As a former medical and psychiatric social worker, I remain aware that inpatient hospital unit, medical and psychiatric, in the interests of maintaining third party insurer payments, encourage expeditious discharges. (Insurers often refuse to pay for long hospital stays.) It is apparent that, in the case of the not too log ago involuntarily committed Paul Zulkowitz, his subsequent discharge from the Long Island asylum where he had been taken by the police after he threatened suicide in defense of, among others, the neo-fascist Geoffrey Blank, may have been premature.

This at least politically demented guy, presumably still a somewhat influential member of the “split the left” Green Party of New York, upon his release almost immediately upon his release tried to derail my Democratic Party U.S. Senate candidacy against Hillary Clinton by trying suck his friend Ralph Nader into becoming a carpetbagger to run for the Senate in New York. That trial balloon, like the ill-fated Nazi blimp,  The Hindenburg, crashed after a few e-mails from me to some sane Greens and, via a somewhat personal connection, to Mr. Nader.

Zulkowitz’s next move was to help orchestrate the move by “Unfortunate Son” Brooklyn publisher-yuppie Sander Hicks to stop running as a Green for the governorship and to run for the Senate. Their technique is to do anything to split the left, which, in me, has the only challenger to Hillary Clinton who can at least make her sweat.

Zulkowitz, known throughout the sea of internal conflict known as the peace movement in New York as “Zool”, became quite notorious last year when he created a de facto Lyndon LaRouche outpost in Union Square in Manhattan by parasiting onto the political Energy galvanized by Cindy Sheehan and called it “Camp Casey.” Ms. Sheehan, when she agreed to speak in Union Square last September 19, was of course unaware that “Camp Casey” had become, among other very bad things, a de facto shelter for Zulkowitz’ assistant, the kleptomaniacal boozer who called himself “Totay” and Totay’s
lady friend. The “other very bad things” included the fact that Camp Casey became a hangout for such “left” spouting violence-prone camouflaged LaRouche-style infiltrators like two time City Council loser Gerald Kann and total loser Geoffrey (“The Jewzi”) Blank, a purported descendant of the Hebrews who sings the praises of Saddam Hussein and a Dead Sea of other Jew haters. Zulkowitz was the orchestrater of a classic LaRouche style “create-an-incident” ploy when he willfully withheld from Ms. Sheehan and just about everyone else the fact that he had not gotten a required NYPD sound device permit. This of course required the collaboration of serial offender Blank (lots more than sound permit matters, for which Blank is a literal poster child with the NYPD), who would not even ask for a permit for his nauseating rants in Union Square, then call the cops “pigs” when the men in blue were out of earshot, and then try to convert his recurrent arrests into Maoist events.

And so, as Ms. Sheehan was speaking, a sizeable contingent from the 13th precinct showed up. In what must have been a political decision from higher up, the cops allowed Ms. Sheehan to complete her talk and then immediately arrested Zulkowitz, a small white guy, whose attempted imitation of a Black Panther being oppressed by the police was unconvincing. Indeed, believing Zulkowitz’ and Totay’s lie asserting that there was a police permit, I was arrested later the same day. The following day during one of his interludes of apparent sobriety, Totay admitted to me that there was no permit and that Zulkowitz’ arrest was staged. My guess is that Zulkowitz and his LaRouche-ite tacticians were hoping for an arrest of Ms. Sheehan, a development that would have been front page news in a lot of places.

It was my reporting of this neo-fascist scheme in UP FRONT News that, according to a very reliable informant, who saw Zulkowitz’ e-mailed suicide note, that served as motivation behind Zool’s decision to end it all by jumping off a certain bridge in Nassau County. (One of the recipients of his e-mailed suicide note apparently called the cops who went to the Zulkowitz residence and gave him a choice of psychiatric commitment or incarceration. Evidently, all of Zulkowitz’ revolutionary militancy quickly evaporated and he chose the hospital.

About six weeks ago, Zulkowitz, once again, using a tried and true LaRouche tactic, the death threat, came after me. I learned, one again from a reliable source, that Zulkowitz had made it known that he is in the possession of a Magnum 357 with which he intends to shoot me. And, since the informant is a politically experienced person not given to making practical jokes, when he unsmilingly repeated Zulkowitz’ threat, I reported it to the NYPD. Like his psychopathic neo-fascist ally Blank, Paul Zulkowitz, is rapidly becom-
ing an argument of unwarranted surveillance.

Zulkowitz, in many ways as persistent as the indefatigable Adolf Hitler (although, if you’ve heard the cliché-dependent Zulkowitz, you’ds have to admit that Hitler was a far better speaker) is, like “the Night of the Living Dead”, back with “Camp Casey.” And once again Totay, attractively garbed in warm spring weather wearing bulky winter attire so that he resembles as suicide bomber (he should not travel to for example Tel Aviv and, similarly garbed, walk into a pizza place there – it would be too obvious) is in charge.

On two occasions, once at the end of the massive United for Peace and Justice Festival on April 29 and again on April 30 in Union Square, upon seeing me, Totay, hurling curses and threats, in his somewhat staggering way, charged at me. Totay now joins
potential inmates as a NYPD person of interest.

The politics

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