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Posted on on April 24th, 2010
by Pincas Jawetz (

Invitation: “Teaching Climate Change and the United Nations System” event – May 17 & 18 2010 in Belgrade.

from: Miroslav Polzer <> – Fri, Apr 23, 2010.

2nd Regional CEE/SEE Colloquium – Capacity Building on Global Governance and the UN System:

Teaching Climate Change and the United Nations System”

Date:      Monday May 17th & Tuesday 18th, 2010

Venue:   Faculty of Law, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 67, Belgrade



–      Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade,

–      Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade,

–      Environmental Ambassadors, Belgrade,

–      Academic Council on the United Nations System ACUNS,

–      Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office (ASO) Ljubljana

–      Diplo Foundation, Belgrade Office

–      Petnica Science Center – Innovative Sci+Tech Education and Regional Teacher Training

–      The European Center for Peace and Development, Belgrade – Ljubljana,

–      United Nations Association of Serbia,

–      Educons University, Sremska Kamenica,

–      South East Europe Media Organisation SEEMO, Vienna,


–      Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Republic of Serbia,

–      United Nations Institute for Training and Research UNITAR,

–      United Nations Environment Programme UNEP

–      United Nations Development Programme UNDP

–      United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

–      World Federation of UN Associations WFUNA

–      Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe ERI-SEE

–      UNESCO (Serbian National Commission and UNESCO Venice Office)

–      Regional Cooperation Council RCC


Climate Change is one of the most pressing global issues of our time. For addressing the complex multi-stakeholder and multilevel challenges associated with climate change mitigation and adaptation an appropriate knowledge base is needed not only among public authorities and academia but also among civil society, business sector etc. in order to have problem aware constituencies in the countries of the world supporting with their attitudes and actions governments towards bold future oriented global climate change action.

UN system plays an important role in “Teaching Climate Change” in several ways:

–      It is obvious that a global challenge like climate change can be addressed effectively only with global coordination and cooperation among relevant stakeholders. As United Nations system (e.g. UNFCCC, UNEP, ..) is the central institutional framework for global governance responses to the climate change challenge, it is important to build capacities worldwide on the functioning of the UN system;

–      at the same time UN organizations like UNESCO, UNITAR, UNDP, UNICEF, UNECE etc. play an important role as provider and facilitator of climate change education and last but not least

–      UN system plays somehow the role of a lighthouse for climate change awareness building activities of global civil society (and e.g. national UN associations) and there is a need for a strategic approach to partnerships in this area, too.

The countries in Southeast Europe are facing similar climate change challenges. On the one hand scientific climate change models predict especially serious climate change impacts in SEE but on the other hand SEE countries have also some kind of “window of opportunity” open as they are currently reforming and modernizing their socio-economic systems and governance structures in the context of EU integration processes and there is a chance to adapt relatively early to climate change in a joint effort of mobilizing national, European and official development assistance resources and to foster EU integration of the SEE region through joint climate change action.

Therefore the issue of “Teaching Climate Change” will be addressed at this conference in a regional setting as “2nd CEE/SEE Regional Colloquium – Capacity Building on Global Governance and the UN System”. (The 1st event has been the CEE/SEE Regional Colloquium „Can the UN be taught? Innovative Teaching about the United Nations“ which took place November 22nd 2008 at Diplomatic Academy in Vienna (proceedings can be downloaded at )

The conference shall build on previous and ongoing related efforts like e.g. the “Belgrade initiative on enhancing regional cooperation in Southeast Europe in the field of climate change research and education” as agreed upon at 2007 UNECE Environment for Europe conference.


–      Support effective climate change adaptation and mitigation in SEE (in the context of EU integration) by means of improved science communication and targeted educational processes

–      Support scientific capacity building and capacity building in Higher education sphere and in diplomatic training on global governance and Climate Change

–      Inspire educational system(s) reform/modernization towards future orientation, problem solving competencies and global citizenship in SEE countries

–      Facilitate networking and interaction of conference participants and harness the potentials of ICT for knowledge management and learning with concrete follow-up project initiatives

–      Highlight and discuss synergy potentials through policy coherence/interministerial coordination and cooperation on global governance and climate change capacity building

–      Feed into coordination and cooperation processes of UN system institutions on CC capacity building

–      Raising public awareness on Climate change and the UN (especially also on local/community level)

–      promote Involvement of civil society and business sector

–      involve young researchers/students


broad range of senior and junior experts, researchers, government representatives, civil society activists from SEE region, global citizens involved in education, media representatives, etc.


see attachment or

on behalf of the organizers

Miro Polzer

Miroslav Polzer, director

Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office Ljubljana (ASO)

Dunajska 104; SI-1000 Ljubljana; Slovenija;

e-mail:; homepage:

tel (office): 00 386 (0) 1 5684 168, tel (mob.)  00 43 (0) 664 4203648

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One Response to ““Teaching Climate Change and the United Nations System” event – May 17&18, 2010 in Belgrade. It is about Sustainable Development in the South East Europe Region. UN Headquarters will be represented by ASG Ambassador Thomas Stelzer. The car shown by Project EVIE is a Chinese E6.”

  1. Get Us Out Says:

    The UN should be banned from the US. Period. They are a dangerous entity and threat to national sovereignty.

    They are not a government and have no right over anyone’s country.

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