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Posted on on November 4th, 2009
by Pincas Jawetz (

From London – UN chief damps climate treaty hopes – No more Hopenhagen?

As reported by Ed Crooks for The Financial Times November 3, 2009,

Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General, acknowledged – “A new international climate change treaty is very unlikely to be signed at the Copenhagen talks next month.” He said “people had to be “realistic” about what could be achieved.

He said he hoped for a “very strong binding political commitment” that could be turned into a treaty in the first half of next year.



This article can be found at:…

The FT today – November 4, 2009 – has its page 4 – WORLD NEWS – covered with articles on US national, and international – mainly China – activities relating to climate change.

The National activities are about the US Right organized in a body called “Americans for Prosperity” that is all out to fight the US Administration of President Obama on all his forward looking attempts to straighten out US policy in areas like health care and climate change. The folks at AFP seem to be mainly oil industry financed individuals with an 8,000 registered membership spreading the NO TAX message that fly hot-air balloons to spread their hot air message about a hot air administration. They can be very effective in the US political jungle.

The Beijing activities are reported by Geoff Dyer who is afraid that China might relax now its policies on energy efficiency. There are here many China – India and US – China questions. One point well taken by the Administration is the need to make sure that there is an official US presence at the 2010 Shanghai World Trade Fair. The up to now US missing announcement that it will indeed back such a presence will be redressed by Secretary of State Clinton, in her trip to smooth out the President’s November trip to Beijing. The article explains how the US government is by law not allowed to put money into establishing a presence at such a fair, but can only aid in finding private groups or companies that will be ready to put up the money needed to fund such a presence.

The above tells us that much the US is doing in public, has to be initiated by the private sector – it is really hard to have a US lead if there is no enthusiasm from the business sector. In these conditions much of the business sector does its own without coordinating with the Administration – so single companies, like Cisco and Coca Cola have their own booths established at the fair – now Chevron, GE, and PepsiCo. are going hopefullly to agree to exhibit and atart funding in a joint US booth.

All of this is important if a US-China agreement has to be reached so it helps the Climate Change issue as well. Washington will have its hands full in order to connect between these different target areas while having to watch its back so it does not get stabbed from behind.

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