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Posted on on October 28th, 2009
by Pincas Jawetz (

The Monday papers say Mayor Bloomberg, using the Republican and Independent columns, has a lead of 15-18% over his challenger Democrat Bill Thompson. They also know to say that a majority of New Yorkers accept the fact that he has been a better mayor then his predecessors, but complain that he has changed the laws that would have disallowed him to run for a third term. They also know that he is the richest man in New York City counting for a fortune of $17 Billion (as in Bloomberg). Also, the unheard of $85 million he spent for this campaign, as compared to $6 million for Thompson, are really peanuts in the Bloomberg war chest. Did we decide to recommend someone else because of these facts? Not at all – actually we agree to all what was said above – and we know that Bloomberg will be next mayor of New York City.

The problem is of a different nature – some of it can be found in the New York magazine article of the October 28, 2009 issue – the fact that Bloomberg has destroyed much of the political fabric of this city to the point that he has devoured the opposition. Even the papers owned by the News Corporation of Rupert Murdoch, that compete with the Bloomberg Media, back him now. Rupert must know why! Bloomberg is endorsed even by The Jerusalem Post and this is something we find hard to stomach – why this audacity from outside the country? We believe that a new credible faction is needed in New York City as it is needed maybe in the country at large as well.

To the Green credentials – we covered the Bloomberg statements, but are yet to be convinced by Bloomberg reality – did he really pick fights in this area like he did in education? Yes, schools are better under Bloomberg who managed to beat back the useless teachers union – but did he make MTA a winner in a fight with taxi-cabs? Did he stop unneeded city pavement in Manhattan and direct the working force to outer borrows, where such work is needed indeed? That would have meant picking fights with blue collor unions that vote blue in elections. Bloomberg did not do that.

So, let us say again, that we chose to back BILLY TALLEN on Column H of the GREEN PARTY – as the little New York “THE L MAGAZINE” did this week in his article HEROES and VILLAINS – though we agree to “HEROES”  but would not like to enter the realm of “Villains.”

Billy Talen, The Reverend of the Stop Shopping Movement or Church if you wish, has spoken truth to us, the kind of truth one does not hear handed down from a Washington that believes in stimulus packages to keep the is in place even though that is was the is that got us into trouble in the first place – the is of consumerism promoted by the Bloomberg and NEWS Corporate fortunes. Billy’s best campaign music is to be found in the SHOPOCALLYPSE disk of the StopShopping Gospel Choir & The Not Buying It Band.

I know that some will say that I cannot be serious – but then I will tell them that I Am Safe because I know Bloomberg will win – but what I want is that Bloomberg realizes, and the country realizes, that there is a growing minority that does not want to hear political expedient trash anymore – talk of jobs that do not exist – but that are called into the open whenever reality points the other way.

The only way to keep the two party system honest is to have a third – growing – credible party – to call the upper two to order. A Billy Talen Green bunch is just what the city needs at this moment in order to assure us that next time around this bunch will be taken seriously by the big two. So, tomorrow, for Mayor of New York City, Vote Column H please.


On Saturday October 24, 2009, at the Times Square event with Bill McKibben and the folks from and Greenpeace standing under the big screens showing the events from all parts of the globe intended to dramatize the number 350 – as in 350ppm CO2 in the air as the highest concentration of CO2 that we should settle for – if we want to avoid climate change injustice to our planet, there was Billy Talen standing on the side, in the crowd, and sporting like everybody else, a page saying “ INTERNATIONAL DAY OF CLIMATE ACTION.” He told me simply – Bill McKibben is my man.

And you know what – Bill Tallen, who is running November 4th, 2009, for Mayor of New York on the GREEN PARTY list, was the only candidate who showed up at Times Square, and to the best of my knowledge the only candidate that backed that figure. I did not hear from the other candidates, and I expect that the two front runners probably would not step into such an issue that may seem controversial to some of the voters, because of the media hammering that the 350 campaign risked not being taken seriously because as the “350 target was so unrealistic.” Yes, for years we have found that organizations like the NRDC and the EDF – the acronyms for the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Defense Fund – are too cosy with the business interests and really too far away from the environment interests, but have the ear of the media. The real climate fighters come from Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth and these organizations have made less inroads with the establishment, and are thus left to fight it out alone. The Sierra Club is close to labour and as such will also hesitate fighting for a cause that might not have full backing of the unions.

Above makes it clear that whatever his chances, and yes, they are not high, Bill Tallen has earned himself the right to be our man. This website backs Bill Tallen for Mayor of New York and we love his STOP SHOPPING CAMPAIGN – this to save energy and to decrease further the GHG emissions.

350ppm is not just possible but a clear necessity – this information comes from James Hansen whom we trust.

Our previous postings regarding the Bill Tallen candidacy were:

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Posted on on July 28th, 2009
by Pincas Jawetz ( PJ at

New York Mayoral Elections November 3, 2009. We have some Suggestions. Besides Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Comptroller William C. Thompson, please note also Billy Talen of the Greens and Tyrrell L. Eiland of the New Vision list – NV.

Posted on on October 18th, 2009
by Pincas Jawetz ( PJ at

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