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Posted on on July 6th, 2009
by Pincas Jawetz (

 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has just spent a weekend in Myanmar/Burma with zero achievement to show followed by some hard to understand statements that read as if the ruling general told him that after he makes sure that the generals continue to rule the country, he is ready to take of his military clothes and rule as a civilian. This is about what Ban Ki-moon wants the UN to accept as a result of his trip.

Now, it is clear that the junta has opened the country to international search for oil and that multi-billion dollar reserves of oil were found, and Russia and China ready to make sure that he stays in power as he will be good to their interests – others would like also a piece of the pie – so go and understand what actually goes on in the country.

The one thing clear to the world is that Ban Ki-moon did not get a glimpse of the junta’s prize prisoner – Nobel Peace laureate – San Suu Kyi.

On the other hand, knowing that he travels into unchartered waters, the UN high flying staff made sure that the journalists that will accompany him on this trip will not be of the investigative kind – say mildly rather of the chewing gum kind – so they made sure to clean the list of anyone who might have been of the independently thinking kind, of whose numbers were left preciously few – in effect we could count them on the fingers of one hand.   This last small bunch, is starting to look at the UN and its present chief as the the joke on the East River.

In case you really want to get a better feel of this story, and the information we get from the UN, please read the link we are posting here and you will get that inside reporting:…

Why are we so much interested in this? simply as we said in the past, when only just into his new position at the UN, UNSG Mr. Ban went to Addis Abeba beginning of 2007 to what the African Union had planned as a high level meeting on climate change in Africa, but Mr. Ban Ki-moon was set up by his staff to talk there on Darfur and nobody of his spokespeople or information people wanted to hear of anything else. I wanted to go on that trip – but was flatly told yes but not you.

When Mr. Ban came back nobody spoke of climate change. I got eventually my information by going on an independent trip to Ethiopia much later – but learned what the UN staff of this UNSG will allow and how they pick their choices for whom they allow to cover a trip. That is how now M. Matthew R. Lee could not go to Myanmar/Burmah – this because he is one of the few independently thinking journalists left at the UN – the house of the joke on the East River.

Being UNSG is a tough job and real help is hard to find if you do not seek it.

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