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Posted on on July 29th, 2009
by Pincas Jawetz (

The Clean Energy Blogger, Amnon Samid, is a leading expert in clean energy technologies having spent nearly 30 years in the public and private sectors.

In his article –… he pointed out the important work of high tech entrepreneur the Israeli-American Shai Agassi.
Bless you Mr. Shai Agassi………….
October 30, 2007

Unlike other famous people (e.g. roll down in the blog…) that only talk and making money from trading with emissions instead of contributing to solve the energy world problems, Shai Agassi, is bringing his talent, vision and insight from the hi-tech industry to the “old fashion” energy industry. Bless you, Shai.

What Mr Agassi announced today (Oct 29) with his “better place” project, is a first and essential step for powering our vehicles in a cleaner way. Until there is a proper infrastructure, car companies will not develop an attractive electric car. And indeed, Mr. Agassi wants to deploy an infrastructure of battery-charging stations in several countries around the world.

Project Better Place will focus on the integration of existing technologies and systems to provide the infrastructure and scale necessary to make electric cars a viable alternative to fuel-based vehicles. But will it be viable with existing lithium-ion battery technology? Or are you, Mr Agassi, planning of hiring engineers to solve the issues of safety with existing batteries that are becoming unstable under extreme temperatures? or the transmission-related issues?

The new system will probably sell electric fuel on a subscription basis and will subsidize vehicle costs through leases and credits. As I understand, at this stage, Mr Agassi starts discussing with car and battery makers about designing removable batteries. “We’ve already got a grid that goes around the entire world; all we have to do is extend it.”, was Mr Agassi quoted today.

But how will it contribute to solving the global warming issue and the dependence on oil reserves holders that contribute to the world terror, if the electricity will be produced from dirty fossil fuels?

It makes sense that removing the battery price from the vehicle price will make an electric car much more cost effective, especially in many European countries, where gasoline prices are so high. However, I do hope, Shai, that in the next stage you are planning on making new cars. It’s NOT mentioned in your blog; neither in the Better Place web site…..

Mr. Agassi said tests of prototype vehicles would start in early 2008 and the company would begin commercial sales and service in two years.

And it scares me….. Mr Agassi. You definitely realize that without new technology for electric car making, you will not really solve the problem that you are so anxious to solve. TECHNOLOGY – Shai – is what is required. The infrastructures that you are planning – are essential, but definitely NOT ENOUGH.

I urge you Mr Agassi, as well as your “backers”, Israel Corporation, Maniv energy capital, Morgan Stanely, Vantage Point, James Wolfensohn, Edgar Bronfman, Sr, Stephen Bronfman and Musea Ventures – please start investing in developing new clean technologies. I realize that it could take years and huge amounts of money, but is essential.

Even so much money is being invested in clean technologies these days; almost no significant money is invested as seed money in the clean energy field.

Let’s go for it.

P.S. I myself am starting the long way of establishing incubators for attracting talented people to work on developing new ideas and technological solutions for this challenge.

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