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Posted on on July 20th, 2009
by Pincas Jawetz (

Voyage to the Plastic Frontier: the Alguita sails the Pacific
By Jan Lundberg of

Captain Charles Moore is today one of several men of the hour. But if there
are people on this planet hundreds of years from now, surrounded by all the
non-biodegradable, toxic petrochemical plastic saturating the oceans, he
will be spoken of as the man of the hour — a Cassandra that people started
to seriously heed.

On the tenth anniversary of his findings establishing
the Northern Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch, Capt. Moore and his crew are out
there now sailing again.

Before the update on Captain Moore’s voyage for his Algalita Marine
Research Foundation, that started June 10 on the Oceanographic Research
Vessel Alguita, watch his riveting seven-minute mind-blowing presentation
at the TED talks. This is followed by the voyage’s description and blog,
ending with more resources and background. Help stop the plastic plague!

To go to the complete article, see photos and get links, go to

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