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Posted on on May 2nd, 2009
by Pincas Jawetz (

“Nabs” becomes first Arab to reach the North Pole
by Neeraj Gangal on Friday, 01 May 2009,

FIRST MAN: Nabil Al Busaidi was ranked 97 on the Arabian Business Power 100 list. (Getty Images)

Omani adventurer Nabil “Nabs” Al Busaidi has become the first Arab to walk to the North Pole, the Gulf News Daily reported on Friday.

The 39-year-old was also part of the Oman North Pole Expedition team that won the Polar Race, the daily added.

Al Busaidi and his two teammates achived the distinction of walking more than 650km, an effort that took 27 hours of continuous walking until they reached the finish line.

They only took short breaks for food and clinched victory despite hallucinating and falling asleep while walking, his friend Maria Jense said, according to the Bahrain-based newspaper.

“My name is Nabil Al Busaidi, I am the son of Riadh and Salma Al Busaidi and I am calling from the North Pole,” Nabs is quoted as saying as he proudly planted the Omani flag at the North Pole.

“I am the first Omani, the first GCC national and the first Arab to walk to the North Magnetic Pole.

“I want Oman to be proud of my achievement, so today, my name is not Nabil, it is Shabab (the youth of) Oman.”

Nabil Al Busaidi was ranked 97 on the Arabian Business Power 100 list.

Before his expedition, he was quoted as saying: “When an individual is so committed to his goal that he is willing to stake his very existence on it, then nothing can stop him from achieving it.”

Dragging 50kg of equipment on sledge including food, water and tent, Al Busaidi walked the 650km over frozen sea in temperatures regularly nudging   minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Preparations for the expedition had been ongoing for eight months and Nabil had been training hard.

“Fitness endurance and aerobic training is a daily routine now,” he said. “Every day starts with running up stairs, or swimming, or on the cross-country ski machine.”

Nabs will return to Oman on May 6, according to the Gulf Daily News.

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