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Posted on on November 28th, 2008
by Pincas Jawetz (

This is an excellent editorial – and we never agreed more with anything that the New York Times printed – and we brag about this because here they agree with everything our website stood for – and what great way to put it:


This is it in a nutshell. For the US to creep out from the years of “derivatives” and Oil we need an Economic Policy that looks at replacing oil with all sort of means – conservation, efficiency, change of lifestyles, “Gross National Happiness,” a Renewable Energy answer – this will then become automatically the needed energy security policy that answers also the environmental crises including the threatening climate change.

We are thankful for the upcoming switch from Bush to Obama and we will hold Obama’s feet to above fire.

We will analyze Obama’s VISION by the directives he gives to his policy implementers, in his hand picked cabinet, and in the intelligent expression he will be giving to the global implications of his new direction he is expected to give the US.

Yes, we understand that we will not get all answers in the first few months of his government – but we expect to hear from him expressed clearly how the necessary immediate first moves fit into a Grand Scheme of   things to come.

Yes, we know Kyoto was not the ideal plan to deal with climate change, it came about because of ideas the US suggested and then walked away from. To put back life in international agreements we agree that it is difficult to get 192 UN Sovereign delegations to sing in unison, but a few well placed US bilateral agreements could smooth the way for that needed global regime.

Yes, we know that the UN was dancing on the spot – one foot forward – one foot back – but without the cooperation from the Bush little else could be done, and procrastination is now the face of the UN time-piece. The US will have to help reorganize that institution also, and that is easy to do if that above noted terrific worded plan becomes the US methodology. Others will emulate it because they are in the same pickle as us and even worse. Poznan was never intended to be the starting point for a roadway to solution. It is just another bubbles’ exercise – but what a great place for some privately arrived US Senator to announce – look world – we are coming on board – we have plans – we want to rebuild our economy after we showed you all our nakedness – we know and we will do. Let us meet mid 2009 and we will have shown you by then that we have plans, we know what we are doing and we will work with you to save the Planet for the benefit of all humankind.

We will tell the other nations – We have erred, we have sinned, we transgressed, we started fine under President Nixon – Yes Nixon – and we hurt ourselves – and you – by diluting what he started in the area of the environment. We allowed the Oil industry, the Auto-manufacturing industry, our labor unions, our banks, our money dispersing interests, to push us as if we were rugs under their feet. Our town became Sodom and Gomorra, and we got covered asphalt and brine – but we will recover because recovering we must. Our down-payment will be made public January 20, 2009. Let’s give thanks that this is just eight weeks from now.


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The Great Editorial:




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