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Posted on on May 22nd, 2008
by Pincas Jawetz (

Maximizing social change on a global scale
Rick Ulfik, Founder and Executive Director „We the World”,
May 21st 2008, UN Headquarters

The UN Youth and Student Association of Austria ( came May 21, 2008 to the UN headquarters in New York, as part of the “Sustainable Future Campaign” (www.sustainable, for a working lunch on the topic “Maximizing social Change on a Global Scale.”

The Key Note Speaker was Rick Ulfik, Founder and Executive Director “We the World”

Josef Manti from Austria was the Spokesman for the Sustainable Future Campaign.


  • Creation of awareness of the policy needed for communities to support sustainable development
  • Analysis of sustainable development and its regional, national and international impacts
  • Sensitization of opinion leaders and the general public for the concern the United Nations maintains on the issue of sustainable development.
  • Support of the UN Millennium Development Goals

Next planned event will be held in Vienna, May 27, 2008 with the Austrian Federal Minister for Science and Research, Dr. Jahannes Hahn:


Sustainable Science
Johannes HAHN, Federal Minister for Science and Research of the Republic of Austria
May 27th 2008, Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Eustacchio & Schaar, Vienna

In the US, there exists a US Partnership towards a Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. This partnership talks of a Global Commons Organization pursuing “Inspired Futures Campaign.”
and an Inter-Generational Partnership fot Livable Futures.

The Youth came up with a whole series of potential partnerships and we post the material that was distributed:


It was heartening to hear from the speaker: “We have to ask ourselves how to behave so we have less impact on the environment in use of energy, on the economy, the environment – it is about the possibility for everybody to do something.” The atmosphere was of enlightened hope – this until a lady covered with Islamic headdress, sitting at the front table with two similarly covered ladies, complained about those in Africa that are hungry while the developed countries try to put them to work in a colonial system. Rick Ulfick took this as something that shows us the urgency of the overhang of the tipping points. The food riots and the fact that COSCO in the US also had to ration the sale of rice.

I felt that the direction the comments by the lady may have taken to mean that the problem of hunger in Africa are the biofuels, so I felt compelled to remark that this has rather to do with the fact that people have lost the incentive to grow their food and that the case of Malawi proved the point that a country can get from basket case to exporter of grains in just 3 years. What made me even less impressed by that Islamic intervention was the fact that when the meeting proceeded presenting further positive points, they simply got up and left. I hope that the young Austrians understood that they just witnessed an oil interest point that is part of the UN problems.

I was happy to hear Rick intone: “Inspire, Inform, Involve” and explain that if you organize a concert, people will come to hear the music, and you have the chance also to tell about the critical issues, and they will be inspired to act.

 www.ClimateLiteracy.Net the Climate Literacy Network is a US partnership Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

So, we got a menu of Local Action/ local participation/ Networking of media leading to global events – a plan of action. You organize such events at equinoxes, solstices   … one global interdependent meaning.
This Global Interdependence is supported by the Global Earth Charter. And there is something you can read in unison:


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