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Posted on on December 20th, 2007
by Pincas Jawetz (

Al Gore Will Not Be The On The Front Page Of Time Magazine’s “Man Of The Year” – But To Us He Is THE MAN OF 25 YEARS. We will explain:

In 1992, the President was Bush the Elder. There was going to be the Rio UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCED). Al Gore Is US Senator.

The US wanted really no part of this because much of the talk was going to deal with Sustainable Energy and the US was in the oil corner in cahoots with its friends among the Middle East oil merchants. Here comes a US Senate delegation headed by Al Gore, the Democrat from Tennessee. Also present were Senators Timothy Wirth and John Kerry. They started to talk to the Europeans as if they were a US II delegation. Actually they were the delegates to-be of a new Administration-in-Waiting to-come. They won the day and even President Bush I had to come to Rio in order to save his legacy. We were there and witnessed it all.

In 1997 The COP3 of the UNFCCC – a direct outcome of the Rio UNCED of 5 years earlier. Al Gore was by then the US Vice President.

President Clinton realized that there was no Senate backing for fast moves, or real moves actually, on the subject of moving the economy away from dependency on the use of oil. Had the Democrats in the Clinton years tried to be more forthcoming perhaps something would have happened after all – but they did not. In the meantime, much of the rest of the world wanted change and on the table for the UN conference in Kyoto were proposals for starting a regime to limit future increases of CO2 emissions, and eventual serious decrease in these emissions. The US was not keen about it, others had problems with the propsals – and here comes Al Gore with the idea of allowing for trade in pollution permits. This idea was based on the US very successful experience with such trading in sulphur and nitrogen oxides in order to reduce danger from acid rain caused by coal burning electric plants. This was a National program, and Al Gore saw the business potential in making CO2 permits an International program that could benefit Sustainable Development in Developing Countries.

Eventually, it was Al Gore comming to Kyoto that sealed the Kyoto Protocol. The Russians came on board because they negotiated for the countries comming out from under comunism a niche within this trading system – the so called trading permits in “hot air,” and the European Union allowed also for their own internal trades. The others just realized that this was the best document they can get at that time. The Kyoto Protocol was born and Al Gore was the the obstetrician. We were there and witnessed it all.

In 2007, The COP13 of the UNFCCC and COP/MOP3 of those countries that ratified the Kyoto Protocol. Al Gore is the Nobel Peace Prize winner and the double Oscars winner on topics of global warming/climate change awareness.

This time Al Gore was just a speaker representing the conscience of the world – this in UN terms is an NGO. Was he again speaking for a Government-in-Waiting to-come? We do not know, we did not know in 1992 either but say so with the full clairvoyance of hind-sight. Actually Al Gore spoke now with the laurels of Super-Government on his head. The Champion of the world’s future as opposed to the Administrator of a diminishing US – the job that was snatched from him in 2000. But Al Gore has learned from his own experience in life. He has grown in stature in his new endeavor of Guardian of Planet Earth Laureate. He became also a better politician. This time we were not there – so we did not see it with our own eyes at Bali. Neither was there Gwynne Dyer who wrote about Bali very eloquently from London for the Japanese press. We liked her reporting best and we post an excerpt thereof:

“The U.S. was almost completely isolated at the Bali talks. Its only two allies among the developed countries were Canada and Japan, both of which promised modest emission cuts under the Kyoto accord 10 years ago but then allowed their emissions to soar. And the danger was that the frustration and fury of all the other delegations, in the hothouse atmosphere of a two-week conference, would lure them into a pointless and destructive confrontation with the U.S.

It was former U.S. Vice President Al Gore who saved the day with a speech in which he urged the conference to be patient. “My own country, the United States, is mainly responsible for obstructing progress at Bali,” he admitted, but “over the next two years the United States is going to be somewhere it is not now. . . . One year and forty days from today there will be a new (presidential) inauguration in the United States.”

“If you decide to continue the progress that has been made here on all the items other than the targets and timetables for mandatory reductions, on the hope and with the expectation that, before this process is concluded . . . you will be able to fill in that blank (with the help of a different position from the U.S.), then you can make great progress here.”

(Read: President George W. Bush will soon be gone. Even though time is short, you have to wait him out.)

The conference took Gore’s advice and removed the numbers from the text. Even then, astonishingly, the U.S. delegation declared that it could not support the revised text — and a chorus of boos rang out in the crowded conference hall. A delegate from Papua New Guinea stood up and told the U.S. delegation: “If you’re not willing to lead, please get out of the way.”

After a short huddle, the U.S. delegation announced that it would support the revised text after all.”

Our proposal is thus – The person whose influence will be shown as greatest on World’s Future, during the last 25 years, was Al Gore. So he should get Time Magazine recognition as such. He has already our recognition. The fact that Time chose Putin for the year 2007 does not have to interfere with this larger recognition that deals with 25 years.

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